Are The Predators Looking For New Younger Players?

Like many hockey teams, the Predators have made plenty of changes to their team over the years. Now, it seems that even more changes could be on the cards. The question is: are the Predators looking for new younger players? Their latest move certainly seems to suggest so.

Making the trade

In November 2017, it seemed the Predators couldn’t wait to get their hands on Kyle Turris. The hockey star was coming to the end of his contract with the Ottawa Senators when the Predators snapped him up for a six-year deal that would earn Kyle $36 million. Kyle took to the ice for his new team the following year. It wasn’t long before Kyle became a fundamental part of their team, but it seems that things have changed ever since he signed up for the role. It appears the Predators could be looking for new, younger players.

Off his game

When Kyle first joined the team, he was scoring 42 points over 65 games. Now? He scooted just 31 points out of 62 games and didn’t land a single point when the Predators took on – and lost – against the Arizona Coyotes. The Predators’ manager, David Poile, says that Kyle was a “terrific player” when he first joined the team. Sadly, he thinks that things haven’t “gone well in the last couple of years.” All of this means that Kyle could soon be bought out in favor of some younger up-and-coming talent.

Potentially getting the ax

If the team does decide to give Kyle the boot, they will have to pay out the rest of his contract – and they don’t have long left to decide. The window to buy him out closes on October 8. It seems that Poile already has plenty of players lined up to step into Kyle’s skates if he does leave the tea. He wants the likes of Rem Pitlick, Yakov Trenin, and Eeli Tolvanen to step forward. Poile has already announced they are going to “make changes.” Could axing Kyle be one of those?

Making room for younger players

Of course, every sport has stars come and go. Sadly, it appears the Predators are pretty cutthroat when it comes to making those decisions. Poile has confessed they would usually let the younger players play junior hockey and earn their place in the American Hockey league before stepping up to the NHL. However, times have changed. There is now more talent than ever, and it seems the team manager doesn’t want to miss out on a great player because of their age. For now, it appears that Kyle might have to start counting his days.

Hockey players come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be any age. While the Predators have seen some more seasoned players go all the way with their team, it looks like that’s all come to an end. It might not be long before their training camps are filled with up-and-coming stars opposed to the veterans many of us are used to watching.