You Could Invite A Goat To Your Next Zoom Meeting

Let’s face it; many of us have had enough of video meetings by now. What if we could spice things up a little? It turns out you could invite a goat to your next Zoom meeting to add a little joy to everyone’s day.

Creating the madness

It turns out those dull video meetings with your team don’t have to be so boring anymore. That’s all thanks to the likes of the Goat 2 Meeting movement. It was created by the Sweet Farm Sanctuary located in California as a way to bring goats, among plenty of other farm animals, to just about any video conference site you can imagine. They’re not alone. Catskill Animal Sanctuary and many others have also helped bring joy to many in the last few months.

Adding some fun

If there is one thing that many of us have longed for in the last few months, it’s something small to make us smile. Adding a goat to your next Zoom meeting is one of the ways to bring a little joy to people’s lives. All people need to do is tune into their next online video conference and wait for your furry friend to arrive, and it might not be long before there’s something to smile about.

A pleasant surprise

It turns out that most people never know a goat or other animals are going to appear in the Zoom meeting. Why? The video organizer is usually the only one that knows they’re going to arrive as they book an animal to make an appearance. Lauren from Catskill Animal Sanctuary says that most people don’t notice at first. It’s usually not until someone asks why there is a goat on the screen that people start to ask what’s happening. Thankfully, the confusion quickly turns to excitement.

Making things work

Many sanctuaries have found ways to make their new idea work on online video conferences. It turns out that all you need to do is book in a slot, and you could soon have a four-legged – or winged – friend to add to the party. The sanctuaries will then introduce everyone to the animal in question and give the group a tour of the sanctuary in an access-all-areas event. Does it get better than that?

All for a good cause

Thankfully, it turns out that inviting a goat to your net Zoom meeting is all for a good cause. Many sanctuaries are using the chance as a way to give their animals something to do and a little bit of company. Many of the animals rely on visitors to help keep them happy and stimulated, but several national lockdowns mean it hasn’t been possible to give the animals the attention they need. This is the best of both worlds for bored workers and the animals.

Inviting a goat to your next Zoom meeting could be all you need to become the talk of the office for all the right reasons. They’re certainly one employee that’s sure to be an instant hit.