Yes, You Could Still Have A Cat Even If You Have Allergies

There is something oh-so-adorable about a feline friend or two. From their little triangle ears to their loafy ways and everything in between, who doesn’t want a cat in their lives? While there’s a good chance those who are allergic would disagree, it turns out that, yes, you could still have a cat even if you have allergies.

Get rid of other allergens in your home

There are times that some of us with allergies find things get worse the more triggers there are in our homes. Instead of adding a new issue, try getting rid of other allergens around the house. This is usually through finding out what you’re allergic to and starting there. A good way to keep on top of allergens is to vacuum as much as possible and to replace any old materials, such as drapes or cushion covers, with hypoallergenic materials.

Think about taking allergy medication

Have you spoken to your doctor about allergy medication? Sometimes, a simple dosage each day could be all some of us need to keep on top of our allergies. Other times, we need various methods to ensure we don’t feel constant symptoms, such as nasal sprays or eye drops. There is even a chance that allergy shots could be the thing you need to welcome a cat even if you have allergies.

Try visiting friends who have pet cats
Source: The Discerning Cat

Try visiting friends who have pet cats

One way to find out if you could live with a cat without adding one to your life is to visit a friend with cats. Try taking your usual allergy medication, and be sure to visit once the cat has been fed or when they’re particularly relaxed so they aren’t kicking allergens into the air by running around. From there, spend 30 minutes with the cat to see if it has any effects on your health. If it does, it could be back to square one. If it doesn’t, try increasing the amount of time with your friend’s cat just to be sure.

Look into hypoallergenic breeds

Believe it or not, but there are hypoallergenic breeds of cats that mean you could still have a cat even if you have allergies. Siberian cats don’t have the Fed d 1 protein in their salvia like other cats, meaning it doesn’t turn to dander once they are done grooming. Some rex breeds, such as the Devon Rex, have curly, wavy, or finer hair which means they don’t trap as much dander as other thicker-coated breeds.

Visit your local shelter
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Visit your local shelter

If you feel like you have your cat allergies under control and you’re ready to take the next step, why not head to your local shelter? Here, you can work with the experts to understand if there’s a cat that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Plus, it means you can spend time with your new feline friend to ensure you can live in peace before heading home together.

Yes, you could still have a cat even if you have allergies, meaning it could be time to find our next feline friend.