Why Is Your Dog Chewing On Everything?

Feeding your dog their food and seeing them enjoy every bit of it is quite nice. Certain dogs will be content with what you feed them, but others will go out of their way to pick and eat anything they can find. This ranges from the dangerous stuff to hard objects such as toys and soiled diapers.

3 top reasons why your dog puts everything in its mouth

1. Curiosity

Dogs, especially puppies, are always curious to taste stuff. Moreover, certain objects can become tempting due to their nice scent and flavor.

2. Health issues

Your dog is likely to grow this irresistible urge to feed because of an underlying health issue. For instance, a dog that is having a stomach upset may want to stimulate vomiting. Thus, he will try to find and feed on grass.

3. Malnutrition

This happens when the dog’s body is deficient in essential nutrients, such as vitamins. For this reason, you might find your dog in the fields eating the broccoli because it is vitamin-rich and their body is craving vitamins.

What your dog is most likly to eat

Grass: This may sound weird because it is a generally known fact that dogs eat flesh and bones. However, it is also a fact that dogs are omnivores who thus eat both flesh and vegetables. In the course of grazing, the dogs feed on grass and collect broccoli or carrots.

Dirty stuff: Another common item in a dog’s diet is the dirty stuff. You will find your puppy eating disgusting items such as soiled diapers and other puppies’ poo.

Moth and flies: The strangest of all these habits is probably eating moths and flies. Although they are minute in size, moths and flies are quite a delicacy to dogs.

Should you be worried if your dog is eating this stuff?

Yes and no.

On one hand, it should worry you if your puppy is in the habit of picking and eating stuff because some of the items may be very poisonous. Also, some of the stuff collected is likely to harm your puppy. Whereas some of the objects may easily pass through the body, others will not pass and will cause your puppy great discomfort.

On the other hand, this habit is not too bad. Your dog will actually pick a number of nutritious foods while on their feeding spree. Even the most disgusting of these eating habits — eating other puppies’ poop — has some nutritional value. This is the case because puppies don’t completely digest their food, so there is the likelihood that there are still some nutrients left in the poop.

How to get your puppy out of the habit

The first step is to ensure that you feed your puppy well and nutritiously. This way, your puppy will not go out there trying to pick up stuff because they lack some nutrients.

Give them occasional treats so that they don’t feel trapped with only dog food to enjoy.

Also, start punishing your dog when you catch them in the act. This way, they will learn that certain objects are not edible and should never be consumed.