Why Do Cats Like To Chew On Plastic So Much?

Cats are intriguing creatures. From planning an attack to chilling in the sink and everything in between, there are all kinds of ways that our feline friends leave us scratching our heads. So, why do cats like to chew on plastic so much?

Chewing on plastic is common with cats

Believe it or not, but cats chewing on plastic is more common than many people realize. Everything from the cords for blinds to plastic bags and everything in between seems to be fair game when it comes to our feline friends. Some will even go as far as to steal pens from the pot and hide them away for a later chew, but why do cats like to chew on plastic so much?

They like the taste

One of the reasons that some cats enjoy chewing plastic is simply they like the taste. Things like plastic bags are often made from gelatin or cornstarch to make them more biodegradable. However, this can also give them a flavor that some cats can’t get enough of, even if they wouldn’t naturally eat plastic in the wild. If the bag was also used for carrying something tasty or particularly scented groceries, then it might still smell like the good stuff.

They like the feel

It turns out that some cats like to chew on plastic so much because they like the feel of it. The smoothness of something plastic under their paws can be pretty satisfying for our feline friends. Then comes the crinkling noise that comes with many plastic items. Ever had a noise that you can’t get enough of? That’s the case with many cats and plastic.

They might be compelled to eat non-edible things

There are several reasons that cats like to chew on plastic, including the fact that some are simply compelled to eat things they shouldn’t. Humans can be diagnosed with the same compulsion, but for us, it is usually a psychological matter. For cats? It could be a sign they have anxiety, something wrong with their digestive system, or issues with their teeth.

Chewing on plastic can be dangerous

It’s no secret that chewing on plastic is never a good idea, especially when it comes to our cats. It’s best to try and figure out the root of the issue to see if there is a way around the problem. If they like the feel of the plastic, then why not invest in a cat-safe crinkle toy? If they want the taste, then there are several other ways you can give your cat what they like. It’s always best to talk to your vet to ensure nothing is going on inside. If not, you might find yourself in a dangerous situation if your cat accidentally ingests plastic as it can cause digestive issues or blockages if left untreated.

So, why do cats like to chew on plastic so much? It turns out there are plenty of reasons but have no fear; there might be a way to get them to stop.