Which Snake Breeds Make The Best Pets – And Which Don’t

Snakes in the jungle, snakes on a plane, snakes in your… House? Yes, many snake breeds make the best pets for so many reasons. However, there are also some breeds that are best left to the professionals.

Corn snakes – great!

Corn snakes have been one of the most popular breeds of snakes for many years. Why? They are docile and easy to care for – what more could you want? They come in all different color variations, meaning there are plenty of options on the market. Plus, corn snakes often don’t need a lot of room.

African rock python – not so great

To start, African rock pythons can reach up to 20 feet long. That’s just the beginning. They are often caught from the wild, meaning that parasites and diseases are an issue. You’ll need space and bravery to keep these snakes happy and healthy.

Ball python – great!

These are one of the most popular breeds thanks to the thousands of morphs on the market. Ball pythons are shy yet quirky characters that show how snakes can soon become a part of the family. They earned their name as they often ball when they’re scared.

Burmese python – not so great

Burmese pythons are another snake that gets incredibly long incredibly quickly. They often reach at least 20 feet long. People often think they’re a great addition until they grow too large. This can lead to wildlife centers getting overrun with the breed or irresponsible people releasing them into the wild.

California kingsnake – great!

Believe it or not, but California kingsnakes earned their name as they will eat rattlesnakes and other breeds. They don’t let anything slither in their way. While they might be kings of the wild, they are generally docile as pets. Just be sure to handle them on a regular basis to keep them happy.

Green anaconda – not so great

Believe it or not, but green anacondas can weigh almost 500 pounds. They are extremely large and can be pretty grumpy – not a size that most of us would want to mess with. As if that wasn’t enough, these snakes love to lie in the water, so they need large water bowls.

Gopher snake – great!

These are one of the unsung heroes of the pet snake world. They are pretty small, even when they’re fully grown, and are great to watch. Gopher snakes need a deep substrate as they love to burrow down as well as soaking in a bowl of water.

Black racer – not so great

They look beautiful. However, black racers are notoriously aggressive and don’t deal well with being handled. They need large enclosures as they cover around 35 acres in the wild and often become highly protective of their vivarium.

Some snakes make the best pets and can bring a lot to a household. However, there are some snakes that are best left alone. That is if you want to stay safe. Could it be time to think about welcoming a slithery friend into your life?