What Is The Most Affectionate Parrot?

Ever since the first days of world exploration, people all around the globe have been enamored with parrots and their unique way of interacting with people. They are always so positive and hyperactive, making them ideal pets for people of walks of life. Of course, there are many different species of parrots and they all differ between each other.

Amongst them, some species have their own special ways of expressing affection. Some feather balls are more diligent in displaying their love for you and some are not. If you’re looking to get into the world of parrots, it would be good to know who the ideal feathered cuddling partner is.


Cockatoos are the winners

Through examining multiple studies conducted all around the world, it became evident that cockatoos are the best cuddling mate out of all the parrot species. Every owner can attest to that, as these incredible and playful being take pleasure in investing time to cuddle with their human.

These amazing birds are known for their loyalty and incredible affection shown towards the people they spent most of their time with. It’s been recorded that cockatoos can recognize their owners even after being years apart. It’s a general consensus that they behave more like dogs than birds. Give or take a few feathers, that might be true.


What to do with your cockatoo?

The catch with cockatoos is that they expect the affection to flow both ways. This means that you actually have to invest time to make your bird happy. This means scheduling cuddle time to fulfill her needs, as well as the mandatory feather caressing and carrying her in your arms. All this effort will strengthen the bond between you and your beloved bird.

What you will get in return is simply incredible. If loved enough, a cockatoo will make a habit of sleeping by your bed and flying onto your shoulder to cuddle and look at you affectionately. In some instances, cockatoos can even want to feed you like they do to their young ones. It might seem incredible to those who aren’t acquainted with parrots, but it is in fact true.


Don’t overdo it

Before you adopt a cockatoo, think about how much time you’re willing to spend with your bird. You have to be prepared to commit a lot of your time because a lack of preparedness may turn your beloved bird into a monster. A lovable and calm cockatoo may soon become neurotic and demanding one. Taking up bird caring is no small task and you have to be prepared for it.