What Is the Difference Between Dog Hair and Dog Fur?

We probably don’t need to tell you that all dogs are adorable because we’re pretty sure that everyone knows that. However, while all dogs share the common trait of being cute, they all differ in their own ways. Some dogs are big, while others are small. Some dogs are energetic, while others are more chilled out. Some dogs are naturally playful, while others are naturally guarded. They’re also pretty different in terms of their appearance, but is there a difference between dog hair and dog fur?

An interchangeable notion

When talking about dogs, most people assume that “dog hair” and “dog fur” are two completely interchangeable words. After all, hair and fur are the same things, isn’t it? Well, not quite. It’s easy to believe that dog fur is just extremely short hair, but that isn’t the case at all. Fur and hair are very different, and this is something to consider when choosing a dog to buy or adopt.

The similarities

Of course, before we get into the differences, it’s important to realize that there are some similarities between hair and fur – which is perhaps where the confusion comes from. Dog hair and fur are both made from keratin, which is a protein that humans also have in their bodies, and it’s this protein that allows both to grow on the body of the dog. As if that wasn’t enough, hair and fur also grow out of the same form of hair follicle. Because of this, the two are somewhat similar.

The differences

However, dog hair and fur are not the same. They may have chemical similarities, but they are two different aesthetic features. Dog fur is normally much shorter and finer than dog hair, and there are many dogs out there that can actually grow two coats of dog fur at once. This keeps them warm and adds to their aesthetic appearance. This fur can also stop growing at a certain age or certain point in the dog’s life, meaning that grooming them can be much simpler and easier. On the other hand, dog hair is considered to be much longer and thicker, and it continuously grows – just like human hair. It can also shed like human hair, which means that grooming is much more important for dogs with hair than those with fur.

Knowing the difference

If you want to know whether your dog – or potential dog – has fur or hair, it’s normally pretty easy to tell just by looking at it. If you’re still unsure, though, it’s best to truly understand the dog in question and the features that come with this particular breed. This is especially important if you think that you may be allergic to certain dogs, as hair and fur can make a difference to allergies and allergic reactions.

While it’s easy to assume that dog hair and fur are the same, it’s important to note that there are some serious differences. Most notably, the appearance of a dog can change dramatically depending on whether they have hair or fur.