3 Ways to Raise a Great Dog

Children go through developmental stages throughout childhood, learning new things and molding their personalities. In much the same way, dogs are more impressionable during their early years, making it the perfect time to teach them how to be confident and well-mannered pups.

Dogs learn during all kinds of everyday activities, like training, playing or just wandering around the house. It’s really important to be consistent with your pup’s learning at all times to ensure you raise a healthy, happy and well-behaved dog.

Here are 3 ways to ensure you raise your dog right:

1. Start with socializing

The best way to teach your dog to deal with new and different situations is to socialize them often and from an early age. This helps them to build up the confidence to be a well-adjusted pooch as they get older. Not only should you be introducing your pup to other dogs and people, but you should be exposing them to different environments with new smells, sights, and sounds.

If you don’t socialize your dog well at a young age, they may become frightened should they find themselves in an unfamiliar situation.

The best way to socialize your dogs is to take them to dog-friendly venues, such as dog parks, restaurants and pet stores. Buy toys for your pup that will expose them to different sounds and textures. You should also continue to take your dogs on outings well into adulthood and continually expose them to new things all the time.

2. Diet and Exercise

A healthy diet and regular exercise are just as good for our dogs as they are for us. A poor diet and lack of regular exercise can cause many behavioral issues in your beloved pooch. Since all dogs are different, it is important to consult your veterinarian about the best food option for your dog.

In general, foods that are natural, free from grains and packed with all the right antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are the best. Stick to the recommended quantities to ensure that you don’t under- or overfeed your fur-baby.

Additionally, a good exercise routine is also important for your pup. Give your dog at least 20 minutes of exercise each day, along with some games to form a mental exercise routine. Use food treats as a means of learning for your dogs.

3. Training is not just about obedience

Millions of dogs end up in shelters every year, and one of the main reasons for this is a lack of dog training. When you take time out of your day to train your dog, they are less likely to become a problem and get shipped off to a shelter. There is a wide-spanning mentality that dogs should just be left to be dogs.

In fact, obedience training is a great way to bond with your pooch that makes communication easier between the two of you. Ensure that training is always a positive experience for your pooch and you’ll be rewarded with a confident, obedient pup.