6 Things Cats Can’t Resist

Any cat owner can relay a long list of things that their cats like and dislike, but most cats enjoy similar things. These things bear a close resemblance to what humans enjoy, and like us, cats also change their minds regularly.

Things they may love today are spurned tomorrow, so as a cat owner, you need to be aware of things your cat likes and dislikes. Here are a few things they are unlikely to dislike!


All cats love to sleep and will happily doze away for 12-16 hours every day. Most cats are nocturnal in habit, so sleeping the day away is a natural behavior. Also, your cat does not need to hunt for its food, so it has more time to devote to its favorite pastime. If your cat spends long periods of time in a warm, comfy spot, don’t worry — it is normal behavior.


Cats will spend a lot of their waking hours grooming their coats. There are many reasons for this, and apart from keeping them clean, it also helps to keep their coats healthy by spreading the natural oils that are secreted by the skin.

Grooming helps to relax the animal, and when your cat is groomed by another cat, it helps create a firm bond between the animals. Perhaps this is just cute in your lounge, but in the wild, this closeness is vital since many cats rely upon one another to find food. In hot weather, the saliva that is spread on a cat’s fur will gradually evaporate, helping to cool the cat.

Fresh food

All cats are drawn to fresh food. Don’t leave a plate of pellets down all the time. Instead, provide enough for one meal and leave the rest in a sealed bag. The fresh smell will draw the cat to its bowl.

Running water

Strangely, nearly all cats love running water and will try to drink from a dripping faucet. There are lots of fresh-water fountains available on the market, so invest in one for your cat. Also, if you have a cat that likes water, pour a few inches of fresh water in a child’s paddling pool in hot weather. Then stand back as it splashes around.


Every cat needs to keep its claws in good condition, and the best way of doing this is to scratch on a hard surface. Provide your cat with a specially designed scratching post. Otherwise, the legs of your furniture will suffer. Scratching has a soothing effect on cats, as a good scratching session will do wonders for an anxious kitty.


Cats are attracted to movement and will spend hours watching birds and insects. Cat toys are designed to make the most of this attribute and will usually have brightly colored feathers or other attachments to attract the attention of the cat. Your cat will spend hours chasing a moving object, so devote time to rolling a ball or flicking a toy. It will be good for you too!

Cats are not the solitary creatures they are made out to be. They love the humans they live with, so spend time with our kitty and your love will be returned many times over.