These People Ended Up With A ‘Bear’ Instead Of A Dog

No two dogs are the same, even if they’re from the same breed. Some of them come out a lot bigger than expected and look far more like a pet bear.

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the United States, with millions of these animals housed across the nation. In 2017, nearly 90 million dogs were recorded in the US, although sadly, not all of them had a loving home. Plenty of them were taking refuge in shelters or on the streets because there was nowhere else for them to go. It’s not the most pleasant thought, especially when you think about how many pets also live with abusive owners.

However, while there might be far too many dogs living a miserable life, at least we know that millions of them are still taken care of over here. People have opened their hearts and homes to these animals, and they love them no matter what. Even when they’re the size of a bear and are a lot of work to look after, their owners still give them everything they have. A big dog might require extra effort, but their size just means they’re more fun to snuggle with.

Sleep it off

We expect that a lot of people can relate to this giant dog. After a long day, all you want to do is kick back on the sofa and chill out. Of course, you know that once you throw yourself down on the chair, that’s it for the rest of the evening.

The energy completely drains from your body, and you’re just stuck lying there until it’s time to go to bed. This pet has evidently had a tiring day, no doubt filled with long walks and chasing tennis balls. We don’t imagine it’s easy making a dog this size exhausted.

All the attention

It must be pretty intimidating to own a dog that’s almost as tall as you are. If they ever turned against you, then you probably wouldn’t fare well in a fight. Of course, it’s highly unusual for a dog to betray their owner unless given a good reason to. This pet pooch certainly doesn’t have any desire to start taking control.

Why would they? They get so many fusses with the way things are now, and that’s something they don’t want to risk losing. After all, most dogs live for attention like this, even the ones that might actually be bears.

One big mop

There are probably quite a few people who take one look at a komondor and get confused. They think to themselves, ‘is that a mop on legs?’ before realizing it’s a living creature. These dogs are known for their distinctive coats which definitely bear a resemblance to a piece of cleaning equipment.

However, while the Hungarian breed might be best-known for their appearance, that’s not the only striking quality that they have. These animals can grow to quite an impressive size, as evidenced by this dog right here. When standing on their back legs, this pooch is even taller than their owner!

Ups and downs

It can’t always be easy living with a dog the size of a bear. They’re not easy to carry around or move when they’re in the way. Plus, they probably require more food and exercise to account for their bigger figure. However, just because looking after a giant dog isn’t easy, that doesn’t mean it’s without its benefits.

For instance, if you get an incredibly fluffy breed, you’ll always have a cozy cuddling partner whenever you need perking up. Who doesn’t want that? What’s more, you know they’ll probably do a great job of protecting you if anyone ever breaks in.

Care for a dance?

What do you do when your dance partner drops out at the last minute, and you need to find a replacement? Apparently, you turn to your canine friends. Some dog breeds are so big that when they stand on their back legs, they’re the perfect size for dancing.

Sure, they might be a little shaky on their paws, but with your guidance, they’re bound to get the steps down in no time. We reckon the judges would be pretty amazed if you managed to pull off a routine with your pet. Plus, you’d probably get extra points for how cute the dog is.

Take a seat

Whenever people bring their pets on public transport, it’s usually a reason to get excited. After all, it means you get to sit there and pine over the animal for the duration of your journey. However, normally when people bring dogs on the bus or train, they’re small things that chill by their owner’s feet.

That’s not the case here, though. The animal is so large that they easily fill up one of the seats. We’re not sure if the dog’s allowed on there, but at that size, they’re basically human anyway. Plus, who’s willing to tell them to get down?

Cuddle buddies

There are many reasons why people get dogs. Some do it because they love the animals and want to fill their home with them. Others are more interested in their playful nature and prefer them to cats who usually do their own things. There are even those who get them because they just want someone to cuddle at night.

Of course, more often than not, people list all of the above when they become a dog owner. They want a companion who they can spend their time with, and who will be there for them when it’s time to snuggle.

How times have changed

When you buy a puppy, you sometimes forget that one day they’ll be a lot bigger than they are now. While they start out small and adorable, eventually they grow into an animal that may not be so easy to carry around. That’s certainly what happened here.

When this guy brought home his cute new friend, the dog was small enough to fit inside his jacket. However, by the time the animal was a fully-grown adult, they were a bit too big for that. In fact, they’d become so large that they were able to comfortably fill out the jacket themselves.

Beware of the dog

If people want to ward off potential robbers from breaking into their home, they’ll sometimes put up signs warning that there are guard dogs on the property. Sometimes, this is an exaggeration so people won’t try their luck, while other times, there’s a real danger of getting attacked by the dog.

In this case, we’re more inclined to believe it’s the former. Given how big the dog is, they certainly have the ability to be menacing. However, with their face squished between the bars like this, it’s hard to see them as much of a threat. Then again, appearances can be deceiving.

Bunk buddies

Usually, dogs are expected to sleep in their own bed at night. However, sometimes they get lonely on the floor, so they decide to cozy up with their owner. While plenty of pets can get away with this without waking anyone up, something tells us that this dog isn’t quite so subtle.

If something that big climbs into your bed, you’re bound to notice it. Of course, this woman doesn’t seem too bothered about it. Even though she only has a single bed, she’s willing to share the bed with her behemoth of a dog. She’s even got her cat in there too!

Big and fluffy

We can completely understand why people choose fluffy dogs as their loyal companions. All that fur is bound to feel soft and cuddly whenever you hug your pet. Plus, when they come in such big packages, there’s always a whole lot of them for you to love.

This woman doesn’t seem to have any qualms about her choice of pet, and why would she? We reckon this ball of fluff must feel nice to snuggle with on a cold night. Sure, the animal looks to be twice the size of their owner, but they do say that bigger is better.

Dancing the night away

Apparently, so many pet owners out there like to have dogs as their dancing partners. Well, when they’re this big, why not? We reckon they can probably do a better job than some people out there, so long as they don’t have two left paws.

We could definitely see this dog waltzing the night away with their owner, or maybe even giving the cha-cha a go. We also don’t doubt that they’d have the energy to bring a jive or charleston to life, although whether they’d be able to bring the drama to a tango is yet to be seen.

This seat looks comfy

One of the reasons that people love dogs so much is because they’re loyal companions. They love spending time with you as much as you enjoy being around them. Unfortunately, that sometimes comes at a cost. Plenty of pooches love to sit on their owner’s laps and be close to the people they love.

However, when they’re the size of a bear, that’s not always comfortable for the person they choose to sit on. While we certainly wouldn’t mind getting cozy with this cute polar bear, we probably wouldn’t be able to breathe under all their weight. We’d definitely get crushed.

Too big for this

It’s become a common trend recently to take a photo of yourself and compare it with an old one to see how much you’ve changed. The transformation in these images is usually quite something, although it’s rarely as impressive as this one right here.

When this couple bought their puppy, carrying them wasn’t too tricky. They were reasonably large, but it was possible for the woman to hold the animal in her arms. However, by the time the second photo was taken, that was no longer the case. Carrying the pet was now a two-person job that they struggled to complete.

If I fits, I sits

Dogs are such loving creatures that they just can’t help showering their owners with affection. The problem is that they don’t always realize if they’re too big or heavy to do something. This adorable pooch decided to sit on their owner’s lap, unaware that doing so might be a little uncomfortable for her.

The animal is oblivious to the fact that they’re crushing the woman, but she’s taking it in her stride. After all, how can you be sad when there’s such a cute fluffball trying to cuddle you? We certainly wouldn’t be complaining if we were in her position.

Worth every cent

You’d be forgiven for not thinking this was a dog at first glance. With that giant mane, it looks a little more like a lion than a pooch. However, we can assure you that this massive animal is indeed a dog – a Tibetan Mastiff, to be exact.

They’re known for their fluffy coats and colossal size, as well as their rather expensive price tag. These animals can sell for millions because of their rarity in parts of the world, and you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck here. Of course, every dog is priceless, regardless of their size.

Always by their side

You can always tell when someone owns a dog because they’re with the animal at every opportunity. Whenever they’re at home, the pet pooch is sure to be nearby, no matter what they’re doing. Whether they’re cooking in the kitchen, watching TV in the living room, or reading a book in the backyard, the dog is never far away.

Most of the time they’re usually as close as possible to their owner because how else are they supposed to get attention? They’ve got to do something to distract them from what they’re doing and get the fusses that they deserve.

A daily challenge

Not everyone is cut out to look after a dog the size of a bear. You have to spend more money on food, make sure they get enough exercise, and go through the struggle of walking them every day. Can you imagine what it must be like if they see a cat and suddenly launch towards them?

You’d have to be pretty strong to hold your ground and not get dragged along as they chase after the animal. Owning such a big dog is by no means a walk in the park, and it can really test what you’re made of.

Sharing the bed

While some pet owners prefer to have their beds to themselves when they sleep, many are happy to share the space with their pet pooches. They want someone to cuddle up with at night, especially if they don’t have an other half.

Of course, the bigger the dog, the harder it is to accommodate them in your bed. They don’t have a problem taking up all the space, meaning their owners have to somehow find a way to get comfortable. That usually results in them lying on the dog and snuggling them like a soft pillow. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Treated like a puppy

It’s admirable when people try to carry dogs that are too big to be picked up anymore. As much as these animals might want to be treated like a puppy, their size doesn’t make it easy. Of course, there’s no harm in trying, even if they’re on the heavy side.

This dog definitely doesn’t seem to have any complaints about being held. They seem content just to relax there while this man exerts all his energy holding them aloft. The other dogs there are probably wondering why this beast gets to be carried while the rest of them are stuck on the ground.

Say cheese

Something tells us that this pet pooch isn’t a huge fan of photos. They appear a little distressed to be on camera, especially with those pleading eyes on display. However, we have to admit that the fact they’re looking straight at the lens is pretty impressive.

We dread to think how long their owner spent trying to take this picture just so the dog was looking directly at the camera. Perhaps that’s why they appear so glum. Maybe they’ve been sat there for half an hour attempting to get the perfect photo. We understand how that could make someone a bit miserable.

They grow up so fast

Supposedly, these two photos were only taken a few months apart, which just goes to show how quickly dogs can grow up. In the first photo, this furry friend was already a little big to carry, but their owner still managed to hold them aloft with one arm.

However, by the second picture, picking them up was no easy feat. Their owner had her hands full lifting the animal, so she had to enlist someone else to take the photo for her. Judging by the look on the dog’s face, being picked up was not on their list of priorities that day.

Pushed to the limit

If it’s a struggle looking after one giant dog, then having two around the house must be a nightmare at times. You’re already putting in more effort than usual caring for one pooch, so an extra pet must really push a person to the limit.

Even if the other dog isn’t the size of a bear, balancing both animals can still be a lot to deal with. It takes a dedicated owner to face the challenge, but thankfully, there are plenty of those out in the world. They’re more than up to the task because they love dogs that much.

Looks can be deceiving

It’s incredible just how big some dogs can grow. We’re so used to thinking of the animals as being smaller than us that when we see beasts like this, it can be quite intimidating. Of course, just because someone’s pet pooch is on the larger side, that doesn’t mean they’re anything to be afraid of.

A giant dog can have a heart as soft as anything, and they probably still want to play and snuggle like the rest of their kind. Sure, you might have to be careful not to get crushed by them, but they usually don’t mean you any harm.

Time for bed

Many people out there can probably understand where this dog is coming from. After working all week, you’re completely exhausted and ready just to collapse. Even though it’s only 5 o’clock, you have no problem slipping into bed and ending your Friday night prematurely.

We’re not sure what this dog has done to leave them looking so tired, but it’s clear they just want to catch some z’s. If that’s the plan, though, perhaps they should find a more comfortable position to sleep in. They’ve got half a sofa there to lounge on, so why are they sitting like that?

Crashed out

Now, this looks comfortable! We’ve definitely done this ourselves before, although we didn’t have the excuse of being a dog to let us get away with it. This is the first time we’ve actually seen someone’s pooch lie on a footstool like this, and it’s a little unnerving.

With the position they’re in, they look more like someone in a fursuit. They’re certainly tall enough to be a person, and something about their pose seems very human. However, this creature is definitely all dog, albeit a massive one. People must be stunned when they see their owner take them for a walk.

Bigger than expected

There are hundreds of dog breeds in the world, so no matter what you look for in a pet pooch, it’s pretty easy to find the perfect companion. Whether you prioritize exercise needs, lifespan, or just one that’s family-friendly, there’s basically a dog for everyone.

Some people pick a breed dependent on whether it’s big or small, but as with anything, you never know what you’ll actually get. Your pet could end up growing much more than expected, meaning you find yourself with a giant dog rather than a big one. Well, there are certainly worse surprises in the world.

A family that sticks together

Looking at this photo, it’s hard to tell who’s in charge here. The dogs certainly seem to hold the power, especially as they have the upper hand sizewise. They’re looking down on the humans like a couple of proud parents watching over their kids.

It’s a sweet sight and one that demonstrates how the love between people and dogs works both ways. There’s a reason that these pets are often referred to as companions, and that’s because they stand by your side through the good and the bad. As long as you keep giving them affection, they’ll always be loyal to you.

Is this seat taken?

It seems that you can never be too old to sit on your owner’s lap. Even though this dog is now fully-grown, they still enjoy nothing more than resting on their favorite human. Of course, because the pooch is so massive, they don’t seem to gain much from sitting on the man.

They still have to hold themselves up with their front legs, leaving them in a weird half-standing, half-sitting position. We expect this got a few curious glances from people walking past, but we doubt the dog was that bothered. They were probably perfectly content on their owner’s lap.

Stop and rest

One of the biggest problems with owning a massive dog is that they can easily cause a mess. All it takes is for them to start running around the house and suddenly there’s a trail of broken glass and toppled furniture behind them.

It’s even worse when they have a swinging tail that can easily knock your valuables off almost any surface. That’s why it’s such a relief when these animals sit down and have a rest. If they’re just chilling in one spot, they can’t do any more damage. That’s probably why this woman has such a big smile on her face.

Warm in the winter

When it’s the middle of winter, and the temperatures are below freezing, you don’t need to hide under the covers. No, all you need is two fluffy, giant dogs to lie on top of you and keep you warm. They’re just as effective as any bedding you might own, while also having the added bonus of being super cuddly.

That sounds like a winning combination to us. You may get a wet face in the night from all the licking, and they’re bound to get restless at some point. However, isn’t that worth the hours of snuggling that you’ll get?

Man’s best friend

Big or small, nothing will stop the love that many people have for their dogs. These animals might not be able to understand what we say or why we do things, but they still shower us with affection regardless. Few animals are as loyal to humans as dogs, and that bond is something we hope will never go away.

Even if they try to act smaller than they are and accidentally crush us, we’ll still care for them with everything we have. Being as big as a bear just means that there’s even more of them to love and cuddle.