These Might Be The Fanciest Chickens On The Planet

Chickens. They’re great, right? As well as giving us fresh eggs every day, they can also be pretty entertaining thanks to their unique personalities. So what about their looks? These might be the fanciest chickens on the planet.

Silkie chickens

It might be no surprise that silkie chickens earned their name as soon as you touch one, as their feathers are unbelievably soft. That’s not all that makes them a popular choice. These fancy chickens are also incredibly friendly and loving, making them an excellent addition to many homes.

Frizzle chickens

At first, frizzle chickens look pretty normal. That is until we look a little closer and see there is something about their feathers. That’s right; they curl outward, making it look as though they have a frizzled appearance. In some countries, frizzle chickens are actually considered a separate breed altogether, just not in the States.

Polish chickens

Polish chickens often turn heads thanks to their unique poofy feathers around their head, making it look as though they’d fit right in at an ‘80s punk concert. Some varieties even come with a silver laced look, making it seem as though their feathers have been outlined in pure silver.

Long-tailed chickens

It might be no surprise that long-tailed chickens earned their name once we take a look at their impressively long tails. Believe it or not, but some have been known to grow tails up to 25 feet long.

Yokohama chickens

If there’s one thing that many chicken lovers have learned, it’s that most Japanese breeds are pretty impressive. They usually have incredibly long tails, and the Yokohama chickens are no exception. They are gentle creatures that make great additions to the family, especially as they frequently lay eggs every day.

Sumatra chickens

For many years, Sumatra chickens were used in Indonesia for fighting, but times have changed a lot, and they are now commonly kept as show chickens instead. Their bright feathers capture sunlight in all kinds of ways, making them a popular choice for the show ring. Although they may look black on the surface, they often look green in the right light.

Phoenix chickens

The phoenix chicken is one of the fanciest chickens, thanks to its impressive tails. Like most other breeds that come with feathery and stunning tails, they are bred for their looks and not their laying abilities. However, it’s their fire-like colors that have earned the phoenix chickens their name.

Sultan chickens

Sultan chickens look similar to Polish chickens on top, but there is something very different about their feet. That’s right; they look as though they’re wearing little boots thanks to their feathery feet. While they might not be the best laying chickens, that’s not their purpose as most people adopt sultan chickens for their looks.

These might be the fanciest chickens on the planet, thanks to their impressive feathers and unusual looks. Who ever knew there were so many different breeds of chickens out there in the world? There’s certainly no shortage of birds when it comes to something extra classy.