These Might Be The Best Pets For Senior Citizens

You’re never too old to appreciate the love and companionship that an animal can offer. However, when you’re in your senior years, some pets are better to have around than others. You often want an animal that has fewer demands and is easy to care for while still being a bundle of affection.


It’s common for children to have fish as pets because they’re relatively easy to care for. For that reason, they’re also worthwhile additions to any senior citizen’s household. Provided that you keep them in a small aquarium – it’ll be easier to clean this way – you don’t have to worry too much about looking after your new companions. For the most part, you can just sit there and enjoy watching them swim around, which is particularly fun if you buy fish that are colorful. Just make sure that they have enough food throughout the day, and they shouldn’t be a hassle.

Small dogs

Not all dogs are made the same, meaning that some of them are better suited to a senior’s lifestyle than others. Smaller breeds such as Shih Tzus and cavalier King Charles spaniels are ideal because their size means they’re easier to handle and require less exercise. More often than not, these breeds are relatively gentle-natured, so looking after them shouldn’t be a headache. Plus, as most dogs do, they love plenty of fuss and attention, which is normally the easiest part of looking after a pet anyway.

Short-haired cats

Given their largely independent nature, cats are often a good choice of pet for a senior citizen. These animals can typically exercise themselves, which is ideal for anyone who struggles with being active. Moreover, short-haired cats don’t require the level of grooming that long-haired ones do, making them even easier to have as a pet. Although cats don’t always have a reputation for being cuddly and affectionate, plenty of these animals enjoy being around their owners. So, if you want a pet that will offer companionship, this is definitely one not to overlook.

Leopard geckos

You may not have even heard of leopard geckos before. However, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with these reptiles because they actually make for great pets. They’re small, quiet, and low maintenance, three qualities that are often ideal for an owner in their senior years. You don’t have to feed them every day, nor do you need to buy them a large enclosure. These animals also don’t have sticky toe pads, meaning you won’t find them climbing your walls if you ever let them out. Plus, they’re easy to tame, meaning you don’t have to worry about them breaking the rules. So, if you’ve always been interested in keeping a reptile as a pet, leopard geckos can be a great option.

Just because the years continue to pass, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on being a pet owner. As long as you ensure that the animal’s needs match your current abilities, you can enjoy having a companion around for many years to come.