These Common Foods Could Actually Be Dangerous For Our Birds

Anyone who keeps birds as pets will have experience feeding these feathered friends. The same goes for a lot of people who like to welcome wildlife into their backyard. However, did you know that not all foods are good for these animals to eat? Even some of the most common substances can be surprisingly toxic where birds are involved.

Apple seeds

You’ve probably heard at some point that apple seeds contain cyanide. The reason it’s not a huge concern for humans is that there are only trace amounts, so you’d have to get through a ton of the fruit for it to have any effect. Unfortunately, with birds being smaller, that means they’re more vulnerable to the dangers this food poses. That’s why you need to remove any apple seeds before you give your pet this fruit.


Another fruit that potentially poses a danger to birds is avocado. Both the pit and skin of this food can allegedly be lethal, causing significant strain on the heart. Although research into this is a little shaky, it’s still best to steer clear of avocado products when feeding your birds.


Chocolate is a treat beloved by many humans. However, a lot of animals don’t share people’s feelings for the snack because of how poisonous it can be. It’s not only cats and dogs that shouldn’t eat this substance but birds, too. Chocolate can reportedly lead to vomiting, seizures, and loss of life, all things you’ll want to avoid for your feathered friends.


The reason some humans avoid mushrooms is that they can potentially be poisonous. They are fungi, after all. It’s for the same reason that you shouldn’t give this food to your bird, even if it’s a mushroom that’s safe for you to eat. That’s because it can cause digestive issues and possibly even liver failure in the animals.


The chances are you don’t leave a pile of salt on your bird’s food tray for them to eat. However, depending on what you feed them, you may as well do this if you keep treating them to salty foods. You need to be careful how much of this stuff your pet regularly eats because too much sodium can cause kidney failure, dehydration, and loss of life.

Dried beans

Dried beans might seem like the ideal thing to feed a bird, given they’re small and hard. However, don’t be fooled by the appearance of this food. Your pet could fall seriously ill if they eat dried beans, thanks to the presence of hemagglutinin. This is incredibly toxic to birds and is only eliminated when the beans are cooked thoroughly. As such, you should make sure they’re far from raw when you present them to your bird if you don’t avoid them altogether.

Knowing what foods may be harmful to your bird is just one of the many things to consider when getting a feathered friend as a pet. It’s by familiarizing yourself with this information that you ensure you’re the best owner that a bird could ask for, though.