These Are The Most Common Species Of Snakes Kept As Pets

When it comes to pets, snakes can make surprisingly welcome additions to the family. They can often be pretty simple to care for and come with a ton of personality, even if it doesn’t look that way from the outside. Now, these are the most common species of snakes kept as pets.


Kingsnakes are one of the smaller species of snakes kept as pets but don’t be fooled. Ever wondered how king snakes earned their name? That’s all thanks to the fact they eat most other snakes that cross their paths, meaning they need to be housed alone.

Red-tail boa

Reaching up to ten feet long means owners need to prepare for a large snake when they invest in a red-tail boa. Still, that hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the most common species of snakes kept as pets, mainly thanks to their laid-back personalities teamed with their impressive size.


A milk snake is a type of kingsnake, but that’s not the reason they’re so popular. Milk snakes actually closely resemble the venomous coral snake that can be found across the world, making them the less-dangerous option out of the two. Still, it’s best to stay away in the wild if you’re not sure which one you’ve found.

Green tree python

One of the main reasons green tree pythons are one of the most common species of snakes kept as pets is all thanks to their striking appearance. Even though they grow to around seven feet long, they spend the majority of their time piled neatly on a well-placed branch.

Burmese python

Burmese pythons aren’t for the faint-hearted, as they can reach between 15 and 20 feet, with some growing even longer. Although they are a docile breed, Burmese pythons are more active than other popular species. They need a lot of space, and their heavy weight once fully grown means they’re best suited to adult keepers.

Corn snake

Being one of the smaller snakes on the market makes corn snakes one of the most common species of snakes kept as pets. Being docile and coming in a range of morphs – different color and pattern variations – means there is never a dull enclosure in sight when corn snakes are involved.

Black rat snake

Sure, they eat rats, but it’s not that fact that earned the black rat snake its name. It’s all thanks to the fact they recoil and shake the end of their tails like a rattlesnake when threatened. Although they aren’t the brightest pet snake on the market, rat snakes are active and pretty striking in their own right.

Ball python

Ball by name, ball by nature; ball pythons are arguably the most popular species of snakes kept as pets. They’re ability to ball up makes them pretty adorable, while they’re also known to come with plenty of personality. Being so easy to care for also makes ball pythons a popular choice for many.

The most common species of snakes kept as pets come in all shapes and sizes – and all come with their own mark to make on their family.