These Are The Fruits Your Dog Can Eat – And How To Feed Them

Whenever you want to give your dog a healthy treat, fruit is good to turn to. As long as it’s something they can eat, it should serve them well. Don’t know which fruit is okay? In that case, these are the fruits your dog can eat – and how to feed them.

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Blueberries are low in fat and sugar while also offering your dog tons of nutritional value

The great thing about blueberries is that most of them are small enough to serve as is, allowing your pet pooch to reap their nutritional benefits. This includes a dose of antioxidants, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins C and K. This fruit is also low in sugar and fat, so you needn’t worry about it affecting your dog’s waistline.

Small chunks or slices of apple will give your dog fiber and better breath

We’re not sure whether an apple a day will keep the vet away. However, just as apples are one of the best fruits for cats, they also bring plenty of benefits to dogs. Simply cut them into small chunks or slices to help clean your pet’s teeth and provide them with a good dose of fiber and vitamins A and C. Just make sure they don’t eat any of the seeds.

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The antioxidants in strawberries make them one of the best fruits your dog can eat

Strawberries are another of the best fruits your dog can eat, thanks to their high water content and prevalence of vitamins. They’re also bursting with antioxidants, which do wonders for your dog’s health, given all the toxins they encounter. As long as you remove the top of each strawberry and cut it into quarters, your pet should enjoy any offering of this fruit. That includes more than just your dog, too, as this is also one of the fruits rabbits can eat.

Blackberries are fruits your dog can eat, provided they aren’t too tart

Blackberries are another of the fruits your dog can eat, although you may need to taste test them beforehand as some can be quite tart. Maybe cut them in two and try one half for yourself and save the other for your dog, provided it’s good to eat. The presence of vitamin C and K, manganese, and fiber will be good for their health. Plus, It’s one of the few fruits that contain a reasonable source of protein.

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Watermelon is hydrating, full of vitamins, and good for keeping your dog energized

Another of the fruits your dog can eat is watermelon. Filled with vitamins, this fruit is also good for converting fat, protein, and carbs into energy, which you can then wear off while playing with your pet. Plus, watermelon has tons of water content, so you needn’t worry about your dog getting dehydrated. Just cut the fruit into chunks without the seeds or rind, and they should love this fruity treat.

Learning all the fruits your dog can eat – and how to feed them – could be all we need to find a new sweet treat for our pooch.