These Are The Cutest Cat Breeds Ever

Let’s face it; cats are already pretty adorable, right? While most of us could spend hours cooing and awwing over the latest cat post to sweep across the internet, these are the cutest cat breeds ever. We thought we’d seen cute before – these take it to a new level.

Scottish fold

This breed of cat earned its name thanks to their ears. That’s right; they’re folded over, making it often look as though they are always begging for something. Scottish folds also typically look a little sad – even when they’re having the best time. This has caused many of us to fall for them even more.


Siberian cats are pretty charming. As well as having long, patterned hair, this cute cat breed also has large paws. This means they are great at jumping and climbing and have made their way into plenty of people’s hearts over the years. Be prepared to stick to a routine with this breed as they don’t cope well with change.


It almost looks as though Birman cats have climbed into a jacket thanks to the long hair all over their bodies and the shorter hair on their face and legs. To top it off, the breed also has four all-white feet to make it seem as though they’re wearing a set of small socks. Yes, something this adorable really does exist. No, we have no idea what we did to deserve them.

Maine Coon

The cutest thing about Maine Coons is the fact that they are so large. In fact. They are the largest breed on the planet that can often grow to be the same size as a small dog. Maine Coons have earned a reputation for being gentle giants and are extremely smart. It can be tough to find something not to love about this breed.


It’s thought that Grumpy Cat was mixed with a ragdoll cat – and most of us know how well-loved she became on the internet. The breed looks just like a Siamese cat, but they are a lot fluffier. They often have large fluffy tails to complete their look.

British shorthair

Fuzzy? Check. Chucky? Check. What more could we need? British shorthairs are known for their round faces and ears. They also have a thick tail and short yet thick coat that makes them look even more fluffy and chunky. As if that wasn’t enough, these cute cats come in more than 100 colors and patterns.


Munchkin cats start small and never get much larger. Can you get much cuter than that? We thought not. Their legs are short and have seen them likened to Dachshunds. Amazingly, this breed was only discovered in the US in 1983, where they were quickly named after the characters from ‘The Wizard of Oz.’

Of course, all cats are great in their own way, and many have earned a place in our hearts over the years. However, some have gone the extra mile and have gone down in history as the cutest cat breeds ever.