These Are The Christmas Foods You Need To Keep Away From Pets

The holidays are perfect for spending time with our friends and family. Most of us love to get our four-legged friends involved on the big day, but these are the Christmas foods you need to keep away from your pets if you want to keep them safe.


Of course, most of us have learned to keep chocolate away from our pets by now, but it’s even more important to be alert at Christmas. Advent calendars, chocolates on the tree, and those bowls of candy that we love to keep around the home can all be tempting to wandering paws who want a sweet treat, too.

Crisps and nuts

Salty snacks often go hand in hand with Christmas. However, they can all be dangerous for your pets for various reasons. Most of them have a high salt content that can lead to sickness and heart issues. Plus, some nuts are more toxic than others and could lead to poisoning.


Ah, cheese. If ever there is a time of year to break out the cheese board and enjoy an extra serving of the good stuff, it’s Christmas. Just be sure that you don’t serve up a plate for your pet or leave the cheese somewhere that your pet could reach. Most cats and dogs are actually lactose intolerant, meaning they could end up with an upset stomach.


Candy goes hand in hand with chocolate, but it’s not just the sweet treats that you need to keep out of reach. Be sure to make sure the wrappers are put in the trash can before your pet runs off with them. If they get swallowed, they could lead to blockages in your pet’s system.

Types of meat

Undercooked or raw turkey has the same risks for our pets as it does us. If you’re not willing to eat it, then the chances are that your pet shouldn’t have it either. That’s not all. If you do want to let your pet enjoy some leftover meat, then make sure it’s plain, and there are no bones in the serving.


Did you know that cats are very sensitive to sage? Yes, it turns out that our feline friends aren’t a fan of the herb, as it can cause stomach upset. To top it off, if a cat ingests sage, then it could lead to central nervous system depression.

Cake batter and dough

Many of us love to get baking around the holidays. Just be sure to keep your raw Christmas food away from your pets. If they eat any dough, then it could expand in their systems and cause issues and blockages. Raw cake batter also carries a risk of salmonella.

Christmas foods are some of our favorite, and many of us want our pets to be involved with the holidays. Just be sure to keep particular food away from them. If you’re worried they could have ingested some, then it’s usually best to call your vet and get professional advice to be safe.