These Are The Best Dog Behaviorists In The World

There is a good reason that dogs are one of the most popular pets around the world, but what about when we need to train them or want to teach them a few new tricks? It might be time to learn from one of the best dog behaviorists in the world.

Jeff Silverman

Adopt don’t shop is a motto that many of us stick to, and Jeff Silverman is here to help us learn how to settle our new addition. Jeff specializes in anxious or nervous rescue dogs that may need a unique form of training. This behaviorist also runs a social media page where Jeff helps us learn how to have fun with our dog as well as all about their body language.

Patricia McConnell

It seems there is no issue that’s too much for Patricia McConnell. This dog behaviorist focuses a lot of her teachings on everyday problems, such as how to house train your puppy or learning how to deal with an unleashed dog that keeps bothering your pooch. Patricia writes a host of blog posts explaining her teachings as well as social media posts to keep us entertained.

Karen Pryor

Believe it or not, but Karen Pryor started teaching dolphins back in the ‘60s. Now, Karen has shifted her focus to training dogs and owners instead. She does this through her dog training school, as well as the online course that she runs to teach others about entering the profession. The best bit? Karen also offers tips to learn how to start canine freestyle – aka choreographed dog dancing.

Dr. Ian Dunbar

We think it’s safe to say that Dr. Ian Dunbar knows a thing or two. After all, he’s been teaching puppy classes since 1982 and hasn’t stopped. He founded the Association of Professional Dog Trainers that has a directory of dog trainers in our local area as well as a host of tips about how to train and work alongside our new puppy.

Leslie McDevitt

Amazingly, Leslie McDevitt learned all about dog behavior when she rescued a dog from a shelter that had severe anxiety and needed a lot of work to help settle them into their new life. Leslie was hooked and wanted to start a career for herself. Now, she has several books and DVDs under her belt to try and help other owners learn how to help their dogs become more confident.

Dr. Nicholas Dodman

Dr. Nicholas Dodman is so praised for his work that he’s been handed ‘Dogs 101’ on Animal Planet. However, Nicholas’ work goes a lot further. He has specialized courses on how to help your dog overcome their fear of thunderstorms or loud noises and has written several papers about dog psychology.

So many of us have a pet dog – or five – in our family and want to make sure that we are giving them all we need. Learning about their different behavior and how to work with them from some of the best dog behaviorists in the world could be all we need to keep them happy.