These Animal Based Movies Will Make You Want More Pets

As if we needed an excuse to want more pets in our lives? These animal-based movies will make you want more pets in a heartbeat. It could be time to get the kibble ready and open your heart to a brand new four-legged member of the family. Don’t blame us when your heart melts.

Marley and Me

If you love Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and dogs, then what are you waiting for? The pair adopt a misbehaving labrador, but they’re determined to make things work with their new addition. The movie is based on the highly popular book and is sure to leave you desperate for another pooch to love.

Homeward Bound

Two dogs and a cat on a journey across America when they accidentally get led to believe that their family has abandoned them and they want to make their way back home? We’re not crying, you’re crying. This film tugs at the heartstrings in all the right ways and leaves us wanting a pet to love us in the same way.

The Secret Life of Pets

Have you ever wondered what our pets get up to while we’re at work? Apparently, so have a lot of people. The Secret Life of Pets gives us a behind the scenes glimpse at one group of pets and the adventures they get up to while the humans are away. You might want to grab some pet cameras with your new family member.

Black Beauty

We never know if we’re crying with happiness or crying through sadness, but this movie sure is one that will leave you wanting to snuggle your pet as close as you can. One horse, Black Beauty, never gives up hope that he’ll be reunited with his herd or his long-lost stable hand, and his determination pays off in the end.


A sassy ginger cat that loves lasagna and his owner. Now that sounds like our kind of cat. Garfield was inspired by the comic strips that have kept the world laughing for so long and is finally brought to life by none other than Bill Murray. It’s the perfect movie we’ve been waiting for all these years.

101 Dalmatians

We’ll leave the choice up to you with this one as you can opt for the animated Disney classic or the live-action remake that graced our screens a few decades later. Both are filled with so many puppies that we have no idea where to turn and a feeling that most of us suddenly want to open our doors and welcome hundreds of animals with welcome arms.

Pets are great on so many levels. They love us more than anything else in the world, they’re always there when we come home from work, and their adorable habits leave us wondering how we ever made it through life without them by our side. These animal-based movies will make you want even more pets in your life – even when you thought you ran out of room for any more. There’s always room for another pet.