The Ultimate Guide To Making The Best Bird Cage For Your Feathered Friend

Has the time finally come for you to welcome a bird into your life? They can make a great addition to many homes and come in all shapes and sizes, meaning there is usually a bird out there for everyone. Here’s the ultimate guide to making the best bird cage for your feathered friend.

Think about bar spacing

The most important thing when picking out a bird cage is to make sure the bar spacing is right for your new friend. If the bars are too far apart, there’s a chance that your bird could get their head stuck or even escape from their cage. Cockatiels and budgies usually need cages with ½ inch bar spacing. Smaller parrots can cope with ¾ inch spacing as they are slightly larger, and large parrots comfortably live with one-inch spacing.

Options for food and water

When it comes to food, it’s best to offer up a food bowl for every bird in the cage – and then add another. This means your bird will always have somewhere to eat of their own, and it also encourages natural behavior. Birds usually head to different spots to eat, so making sure they can do this in their cage is essential. The same can go for water. Some people prefer to have an open bowl, while others prefer a water bottle on the side. Why not treat your bird to the choice of both?

Plenty of perches

Another tip for making the best bird cage is to offer plenty of places to perch around the cage. Birds are always on their feet, even when they’re asleep. This doesn’t just mean the same perch in several different places. Birds appreciate having different size perches to choose from to help keep their feet healthy. In fact, only having the same sized perches could lead to issues further down the line.

Invest in some toys

It’s best to try and recreate your bird’s natural habitat as best you can when making the best bird cage for your feathered friend. Most birds love to groom themselves and others, making toys with long strands a great addition as they can groom to their heart’s content. Many also enjoy chewing on wood, especially females. Wooden toys are a great option to keep them happy.

A chance to keep healthy

Even though we usually try to give our pets plenty of food and treats to keep them happy and healthy, many can benefit from some added vitamins and minerals every now and then. These usually come in the form of blocks that can be left in their cage for them to chew as they please. The best bit? They also help your bird keep their beak trimmed and in good condition.

The ultimate guide to making the best bird cage for your feathered friend is a great place to start when thinking about welcoming a bird into your life. They can make great additions to the family as their personalities are usually enough to steal the attention of the room.