The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Goats as Pets

Let’s face it; most of us have thought about welcoming a goat into our lives. There’s just too much to love about them, and we can’t resist! If that sounds like you, then it could be time to check out the ultimate guide to keeping goats as pets.

Pet goats

Goats are herd animals and love to be kept together, but don’t be fooled. It turns out that goats are pretty picky about who they want to spend their time with. Getting two pet goats from the same place is usually the best way to ensure they get along. If they are related, then the chance that your pet goats will be friends is even greater. This is especially true when it comes to mother and daughter goats. Just be sure you can introduce goats slowly if you have no choice but to get them from different herds.

Milking goats

Goats only produce milk when they are in kid. It’s important to determine if you’re expecting baby goats before you invest in a goat as a pet as you could end up with some unexpected additions if you’re not careful. If you get two female or male goats, then you won’t have a problem. You also shouldn’t have a problem if your goats are older. However, there are some exceptions. Goats from milking farms may continue to produce milk even when there are no kids around. Here, you need to be sure to milk them regularly, or they could develop several dangerous complications.

Male kids

When you think of goats, what comes to mind? The chances are you picture a cute family pet with floppy ears and horns, right? While they might look adorable at first, those horns can quickly become a problem. Male goats will likely grow up to be pretty violent if they are left intact and allowed to roam among the rest of the herd. This can be avoided by removing their horns or other parts of their anatomy. Goats don’t shed their horns, meaning that they are a permanent addition once they start to grow. If you want to avoid the possibility of any trouble, you might want to stick to female goats as they are generally a lot calmer.

Golden oldies

Middle-aged goats are just as amazing as any other goats – and they can be perfect for beginners who have never kept goats as pets. They are genuinely laidback and quickly fall in love with their owners. They also tend to tell you what they like to eat and where they like to be scratched – all excellent skills when it comes to owning a goat. Although baby goats are cute and they can be tempting to welcome into the family, they require a lot more looking after than many people realize. Welcoming a golden oldie can help you to learn and give a goat a new lease of life.

Perhaps you’ve thought about keeping goats as pets? They can quickly become your best friend and give you a whole new reason to love.