The Most Common Problems For Dogs And Their Paws

Dogs are known historically as man’s best friend – and for good reason! They are loyal, great for our mental wellbeing, and most will appreciate a good cuddle at the end of the day. Their paws are probably one of the most integral parts of our furry friends, so it is important to keep them healthy.

Hot ground

Even though your dog’s paws are fairly well equipped for most instances, hot weather can bring some potential issues. In the middle of summer, asphalt can quickly heat up. Their paws have a limited amount of protection from their pads, but they can burn if it is too hot. This may cause blisters, as well as being red and swollen. If you find your dog in this situation, it is advised to seek attention from your veterinarian. To ensure you aren’t walking your dog when it’s too hot, place the back of your hand on the asphalt, and if it’s too hot to keep it there for ten seconds, then it is too hot for your dog.

Their claws

Your dog’s claws need to be well looked after, as it can make it difficult and uncomfortable for them to walk if they’re too long. Lots of dogs will naturally wear them down, so they won’t need trimming, but dogs that are less active or do less walking on the road and asphalt may need to have them cut. Torn or split claws are also fairly common, and can be quite painful for your furry friend. They do tend to bleed a lot, so depending on the severity, it might be worth having it checked by a veterinarian.

Getting grazed feet

Even though dog’s pads are designed to provide padding and protection for their feet, it isn’t uncommon for them to occasionally cut or graze them. When walking your dog on their leash, there might be glass or debris on the ground that could cause a small laceration, or potentially a large cut that may need treatment, so always keep an eye on the ground when out on your walk. Depending on where you walk your dog, some off-road terrain may be more prone to causing grazes, so attention to where you are walking and to your dog’s paws when you arrive home is important to prevent any major damage. An untreated cut could have the potential to be quite serious.

Spotting something unusual

A growth may appear on your dog’s paw or between their toes, it could be a cyst or a lump, but it’s worth making sure you are on top of anything that you notice which is unusual just in case it is something more sinister. Although it is not uncommon, it is something that will need checking by your veterinarian, as they may be able to remove it or treat it before it grows any bigger.

Your dog’s feet are important, so you should make checking your dog’s feet a part of your daily care routine to ensure you notice any changes as they happen.