The Cutest Pygmy Pets You Could Ever Have

In a world where our cell phones, TVs, and love for traveling is getting larger, it seems as though our pets are going the other way. Tiny pets have been popular for the last few years. Here are just some of the cutest pygmy pets you could ever have. You can thank us later.

Pygmy chameleons

There are plenty of pygmy chameleon species on the market, like the spectral pygmy chameleon, Marshall’s pygmy chameleon, and the Kenyan pygmy chameleon. If you thought that chameleons were the masters of hiding before, they are even tougher to spot when they’re so tiny. They are pretty easy to care for as pets and only grow up to a few inches long. Just be sure to buy insects that are small enough for your reptile friend.

Pygmy goats

Did you know that pygmy goats only grow up to 22 inches tall? Most of them are even smaller, but they still have huge personalities. Pygmy goats love to investigate anything they can find and often spend their days playing with one another and having fun. They can make great pets as they like to spend time with other animals, have simple diets, and don’t take up as much room as full-size goats. It’s a win-win situation.

Pygmy hedgehogs

Believe it or not, but pygmy hedgehogs love to roam around. They grow between five and eight inches long and spend most of their time exploring at night. Pygmy hedgehogs may take a while to get to know their owners and might spend a lot of the first few weeks curled up into a ball whenever you go near. However, as soon as they recognize their owners, they usually calm down and stay out of their solitude of spikiness.

Pygmy raccoons

Many of us are used to seeing standard raccoons, but what about their pygmy cousins? Yes, it turns out that trash pandas really can get cuter. They are about half the size of normal raccoons and have a reddish tail. They live on Cozumel Island, Mexico. While some states allow us to keep raccoons as pets, their pygmy cousins are critically endangered as there could be less than 300 left in the world.

Pygmy pigs

Miniature pigs are one of the most popular pets on the market. They first hit the headlines around ten years ago as people across the world welcomed them into their lives. Although they are adorable while they are small, it’s important to remember that pygmy pigs still grow pretty large and can weigh a couple of hundred pounds when they’re fully grown. Thankfully, pygmy pigs often love their owners more than anything else in the world once they’ve formed a bond.

Pygmy pets might be small, but they can soon have a huge impact on our lives. They’re filled with massive personalities and often grow to become a bigger part of the family than we ever imagined. Be sure to give your pygmy pet all the love they deserve, and it might not be long before you have an unbreakable bond.