The Best Ways To Keep Cats Cool All Summer

Grabbing an ice cream, heading to the shade, and finding a comfortable spot in front of the air conditioning. There are plenty of ways to cool down, but what about the best ways to keep cats cool all summer? Our feline friends might need a little help, so they don’t melt before the summer is over.

Create a cool room for your cat

Let’s face it; plenty of us have entire areas in the house dedicated to our feline friends. Learning how to keep cats cool all summer could be as simple as creating a cool room. This means shutting the drapes to block the sun and opening windows are certain times of the day. You can even add a fan or two if things really start to heat up.

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Offer plenty of water

This might sound obvious to some, but one of the best ways to keep cats cool all summer is to offer them plenty of water. If your cat likes to explore outside, be sure to place a bowl here, too, and change it throughout the day in case any bugs fall in, or it gets hot. A good rule of thumb is to have one water dish per cat.

Encourage your cat indoors

Is it best to let your cat outside or keep them in when it’s hot? It turns out a mixture of both, depending on the time of day. The coolest parts of the day are at dawn and dusk, so keeping them in until these times should help them avoid heat stroke or getting sunburned.

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Give your cat some ice

While some people believe ice can be dangerous for animals, it’s actually a great way to cool cats down in the summer. They lose heat through their paws, so giving them an ice cube or two to bap around the floor can be great for their heat levels. You can even add some ice to their water bowls or offer up ice packs wrapped in towels to create a cool space.

Protect them from the sun

Did you know that cats can get sunburn? While it might not help your cat to stay cool all summer, protecting sensitive parts should avoid any complications from the hot weather. Their ears and nose are particularly vulnerable, while hairless cats or those with white and ginger spots are more at risk all over. Thankfully, pet-safe sunscreen is a thing.

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Groom your cat to keep them cool

Some cats want to be left alone when they’re hot. However, grooming your feline friend at cooler times of the day can help them to cool down. After all, that extra hair can quickly trap heat if it’s left to build up for too long.

The best ways to keep cats cool all summer might not be as tough to add to the routine as it seems on the surface. In fact, there’s a way to help cats cool down to suit every personality, which should hopefully keep them safe and happy throughout the hotter months.