The Best Pets To Have If You Want A Mini Farm

So you fancy yourself a mini farm that you can fill with all the best pets? Then look no further; it turns out there are plenty of animals that you can welcome into your life without finding yourself overrun with four-legged additions.

Falabella horses

These are all the fun of horses but smaller! Falabellas are one of the smallest breeds of horses in the world as they only grow up to 32 inches tall. However, they are still strong and can be taught how to pull a small cart with the right training.

Pygmy goats

Let’s face it; goats are pretty cute and have grabbed many of our hearts over the years. Pygmy goats are even better because they’re small yet still oh-so-full of character. They are also great animals if you need to keep your other pets company without taking up too much room. Just make sure you don’t keep them alone.

Miniature donkeys

There are donkeys, and then there are miniature donkeys. They love to get as much attention as possible from people and make great pets for any mini farm. They also imprint on other animals, so if you want to keep them with other animals, they will learn how to behave like whoever they live with.


Not only are chickens pretty easy to keep, but they also give us something in return as fully-grown chickens can lay five to seven eggs a week depending on the breed. You don’t need much room to keep your chickens happy. Just make sure they have an outdoor space to root around in the day and a safe henhouse to sleep at night.

Babydoll sheep

Babydoll sheep are some of the most popular pets as they’re fluffy and helpful. Sheep are great at keeping our grass short as they eat just about anything that stands in their way – including all of those weeds. Just make sure that you have all the right licenses and papers before you welcome any sheep into your life.

Dexter cows

Believe it or not, but Dexter cows are around a third of the size average cows. They give us everything that we usually get from keeping cows, but they don’t need as much room as larger breeds. They thrive in herds and can be used for showing if you’re into that kind of thing.


Geese can be a great addition to any mini farm for a host of reasons. If you get them when they are still young, then they often imprint on their owners and learn to love them. Geese also make excellent guard animals and will protect your other pets. You just have to make sure they have access to clean water, such as a large paddling pool or pond.

Let’s be honest; many of us have dreams of leaving the city life behind us and running away to the countryside. Now, our dreams could be one step closer to becoming a reality, thanks to the best pets to keep on a mini farm.