The Best Living Plants For Your Tortoises

There are all kinds of things that come with keeping a tortoise as a pet. One of the many aspects that puts our green thumb to good use is growing food for our shells. The best living plants for your tortoises helps to make sure they are getting everything they need while also adding some greenery to our homes.


Did you know that both the flowers and leaves from pansies are safe for our tortoises? The colorful plants make great additions to many yards. You can either leave them out to bloom and thrive, or you can plant these additions right into your tortoise’s table. Just be sure that the plants haven’t been sprayed with any chemicals – especially if you are buying them from a garden center.

Lemon balm

It turns out that lemon balm is great for all kinds of pets. This is excellent news if you have a variety of reptiles, mammals, and birds as many species can enjoy this plant. The plant has earned its name thanks to its gentle scent, perfect for helping your home smell a little fresher. Lemon balm is also safe for tortoises. This means that you can plant the entire thing in their table, or you can leave it on the windowsill and cut off a few stems to feed your tortoises instead.


This plant is a fan favorite for many tortoise owners and their shelled friends. They are pretty easy to spot in the yard thanks to their recognizable flowers and leaves. You can feed your tortoises both the flowers and leaves as they are both packed full of calcium and vitamins that are great for your shells. If you don’t want to go out searching for this common weed, then you can grow the dandelions on your windowsill for an all-year supply.


One of the things that draws many people to this living plant for their tortoise is the fact it’s so bright and a great addition to many people’s homes. Gazania is a pretty attractive plant and is usually hardy, meaning that it won’t take too much time to make sure that it remains healthy. If you want to make sure that you have a constant supply, then pull off a couple of leaves every few days, and you should be good to go.

Red sorrel

Red sorrel is an unusual addition to your tortoise table, thanks to the red veins that run through the middle of each leaf. This is also a great treat for most reptiles. The best bit? Your tortoise will get a lot of vitamins and minerals from this plant, so it can be fed as a large part of their diet. If you want, then you can plant red sorrel directly into your tortoise table. If not, then you can keep the pot on the windowsill and take cuttings to feed your tortoises instead.

There are plenty of living plants that are great for your tortoises. They all have their own benefits and add a different look to your table.