The Best Living Plants for Your Ball Python

Ball pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes. They are full of character and relatively easy to keep. The best living plants for your ball python help to recreate their natural environment as well as brighten up their homes.

Weeping fig tree

The weeping fig tree is a popular choice for all kinds of vivariums thanks to the fact it can adapt to various habitats. It’s also a pretty hardy plant, meaning you don’t have to spend hours worrying about how to care for your new plant. It is a tall, leafy plant, which acts as a perfect place for your ball python to hide. Sometimes, weeping fig trees drop their leaves. This is often a sign of stress, such as a sudden change in temperature, too little light, or too much or too little light. Thankfully, these plants are pretty easy to bring back.

Tiger cub

This is an excellent plant for smaller vivariums or those that need some dense plants as tiger cubs typically grow to around five inches. The plant grows relatively slowly. As soon as it is large enough, the mother plant grows smaller plants. It might not be long before you get a lot for your money with this plant. Tiger cubs need moderate water each week, but it’s important to make sure that no standing water on its leaves. Thankfully, tiger cubs are robust plants, meaning our ball python can climb all over this addition without causing any damage.

Tineke rubber plant

Believe it or not, but this plant could grow into a tree if it’s left in the right conditions. This means they are great for taller vivariums and those breeds that like to climb – including ball pythons. Many think that ball pythons prefer to stay on the ground, but they often love to climb and explore their habitat. Tineke rubber plants need moderate humidity and a fair amount of light to remain healthy. You may end up having to remove the plant if it grows too large, but pruning can help control its size.

Neoregelia fireball

Neoregelia fireballs are little bursts of color that make great additions for your ball python. They can grow in most vivariums and never get too large, making it a great addition to smaller enclosures. They have a natural ‘cup’ in the center of the plant that collects water. Adding this plant to your ball python’s home means that you need to ensure it has enough fresh water at all times without covering the leaves in water. The fireball is also a slow grower that will create smaller versions from the mother plant. Once again, you can use this to your advantage and use the new shoots to grow further plants in your vivarium.

Ball pythons need sturdy plants that can handle their climbing, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looks. The best living plants for your ball python can help them to feel right at home as well as maintain a natural environment for your snake.