The Best GPS Pet Trackers and Collars For 2020

Ensuring that your pet is safe and healthy is something that should be a top priority for you. Letting one of these things slip could have serious consequences for both you and your animal companion. Fortunately, if you have one of these GPS trackers and collars, you no longer have to sit around stressing over such things.

Millions go missing

It’s deeply upsetting to think that 10 million cats and dogs vanish every year. That’s according to the American Humane Association, who say that these animals either get lost or, more concerningly, are stolen. Given that many people view pets as an extension of their family, the thought of them going missing is too painful to imagine. That’s why GPS trackers are so important to have. If your pet is wearing one of them, the chances of them vanishing are significantly lower.

Fi Smart Dog Collar

If you’re going to keep track of your pet with a GPS device, you need something with a strong battery life. That’s where the Fi Smart Dog Collar comes in. It can last more than a month without a charge, which is pretty impressive as far as these trackers go. What’s more, the collar is waterproof, comfortable for animals to wear, and allows you to set multiple safe zones.

Whistle GO Explore

Another tracker with great battery life is the Whistle GO Explore. It can go for weeks without needing a power boost, which is definitely useful if you’re someone who forgets to charge things regularly. The tracker also offers a night light, and can once again establish multiple safe zones. There is a bit of a lag for notifying owners when their pet leaves these safe zones. Fortunately, this is only minimal.

Link AKC Smart Collar

The Link AKC Smart Collar might be one of the pricier trackers on the market. However, it does come in a high-quality collar that tracks all manner of activity. Through the app, you can set maps of your usual routes, as well as see images of what your pet has been up to. Plus, the tracker comes fitted with an LED night light so you can still keep an eye on things once the sun goes down.

Whistle Fit

An affordable option for pet owners out there is the Whistle Fit. Although it’s not so useful on the GPS side of things, it is great for keeping an eye on your animal’s health. It provides insights into how much exercise they’re doing, whether they’re getting enough – or too much – food, and even identifies some possible medical issues. Given that PetMD claims that over 50% of US dogs are either obese or overweight, this information could be incredibly useful to know.

Most pet owners don’t want to see their animals come to harm. Thankfully, with these trackers and collars, those concerns should become a thing of the past. Although they won’t keep your dogs and cats 100% safe, they will ensure that the chances of them going missing are significantly lower.