The Best Dog Breeds For First-Time Pet Owners

Welcoming a dog into our lives can be a pretty exciting time for many. What about first-time pet parents? While it can be tempting to pick the one who looks the cutest at the shelter or the one we have always dreamed about welcoming, it might be best to stick to the best dog breeds for first-time pet owners.

Bichon frise

If you want a cuddly bundle of cotton candy, you might want to think about adding a bichon frise to the family. They are great for first-time pet owners for a host of reasons, such as being known to get along with children and settle into apartment life. They’re also pretty easy to train and only need a moderate amount of exercise.

Golden retriever
Source: Sheffield Dog School

Golden retriever

When many first-time pet owners think about family dogs, there’s a good chance golden retrievers come to mind. Thankfully, they’re just as great as they seem on the outside. While training them isn’t usually too hard, golden retrievers do need a lot more exercise than some other breeds to ensure they don’t get bored or develop health issues.


Another great dog that often comes to mind when thinking about family dogs are labradors. They’re on the larger side compared to some other breeds and need a lot more exercise than others, but they adapt well to most environments. One of the great things about labradors is they’re also pretty playful, making them great for first-time pet owners who love to be active.

Great Dane
Source: K9 of Mine

Great Dane

Don’t be put off by a Great Dane’s size, as these gentle giants can be great additions to the home. They are a highly intelligent breed who are very easy to train and often develop deep and intense bonds with their owners. While they do need training to ensure we keep their size in line, these drooling giants can be a real joy in plenty of homes – if they’re big enough.


Being adaptable to several households is one of the many things that make papillons such a great addition for first-time pet owners. They’re also known to be a happy and friendly breed who get along well with little ones. Being a lap dog is only a part of a papillon’s day job, as they also love to get out and run around when they can to keep their minds active and healthy.

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It’s tough to find something more adorable than a Pomeranian, especially when it comes to the fluff factor. They are great for first-time owners, especially if you live alone. That’s because they’re known to get highly attached to one person, but they can cope well with older, gentle kids. They also need training, so Poms don’t let their stubborn side shine, but they can be great fun once you get to know their unique personalities.

The best dog breeds for first-time pet owners could be all some of us need to enter the world of becoming dog parents. Thankfully, with so many benefits, it might not be long before they’re a part of the family.