Source Solar Panels Combine Sun And Air To Pull Clean Drinking Water

If you told someone, let’s say, about 20 years ago that wars will one day be fought over fresh drinking water, he would have cast a glance at his monitor with oil stock prices and then subsequently stared at you before bursting into laughter.

Flash forward to 2016 and you have the situation where one in every ten human beings worldwide lacks sufficient access to safe and uncontaminated drinking water. Predictions were very grim and unpromising, until Cody Friesen, founder of Zero Mass Water, stepped onto the global environmental and ecological scene. “Drinking water is a fundamental human right,” argued the professor of engineering at Arizona State University. “We intrinsically own the air we breathe by just taking a breath, and almost no one on the planet owns the water they drink.”

Arrival of Source

Having the existing problem very much in mind, Friesen devised and developed Source: a special type of solar panel that draws moisture from air we breathe and condense it into drinkable water, even adding calcium and magnesium to match the pH value of bottled water. And the best part? It condenses an ASTONISHING 5 liters of potable water a day, making it sufficient for a four-member family.


As some of you may hear, rice has the distinct ability of moisture absorption and therefore some people put their phones in a bowl of it, after water spillage accidents. Well, Source is constructed of a material with the same properties, absorbing even the tiniest H2O molecules in the air, with each and every part of the process powered by solar energy.  Because its’ requirement is solely the sun, it can operate far from an electrical grind or centralized water supply device. It is groundbreaking technology in the same category as cellphones, radio waves and solar panels.



The Future of Source

It will revolutionize the current world order and cleverly relocate the emphasis onto the single society member and spark a new age of independent energetic efficiently, delivering a glimmer of hope and imposing a new way of inter-human cooperation, for us all to improve and strive towards a cleaner and better Earth. This is sure to change the geopolitical landscape of the entire globe and, maybe, just maybe, prolonging our stay on the lithosphere of Mother Earth, putting an end to the exploitation of nonrenewable resources.

And the absolutely best part? The panels are built to last and maintenance is so easy, even someone with basic mechanical and fixing knowledge will be able to make any repair and sparingly refill the mineral supplement to keep the water up to standards. The Zero Mass Water program is already in motion in the US, Mexico, Jordan and Ecuador, with many more developing and struggling countries showing interest in this groundbreaking and revolutionary. As Friesen mentioned, the only thing we can hope for now is that governments and organizations all over the world cast a glance over this daring and never-before-seen energetic project and come to their senses in efforts to end global resource slavery.

Whether we are due for a groundbreaking move in ecology and environment protection or a nasty defeat due to a lack of support from those in power, we are yet to see that. For now, spread the word, support the cause and the world will flourish once again!