Signs Your Pet May Be Anxious And What To Do About It

Is your pet having fun, or are they trying to tell us that something is wrong? These are signs that your pet may be anxious and what to do about it to help make sure that everyone in the family is happy – even the four-legged members.

Types of anxiety

There are many different types of anxiety, and it’s crucial to learn about them all. The most common triggers are separation anxiety – when your pet gets worried when you’re not around, fear of noise – when they fear thunderstorms or loud noises, and fear of change – when your pet doesn’t settle well with new routines, people, or surroundings.

Obvious signs of anxiety

Some visible signs of anxiety include making loud noises, shaking, pacing, or running away. Other pets might also become hostile towards their owners, destroy furniture, chew at their tail or feet, stop eating, or need to use the bathroom more frequently than usual.

Subtle signs of anxiety

Some signs are a little more subtle. You might need to look a little closer to see if your pet is feeling anxious as looking away, trying to get your attention, licking their lips, or showing the whites of their eyes might be a sign that your pet is getting stressed. It’s all about learning how to read their body language.

Behavioral treatment

One option to help you and your pet learn how to settle their anxiety is behavioral treatment. This often means working alongside a professional to learn how to combat these behaviors. This could mean plenty of sessions with a trainer or learning the skills you need before putting them to use in your own home.

Plan ahead

One of the best ways to make sure your pet feels as comfortable as possible is to plan when they might be anxious and work around it. If they get worried when you are out of the house, then why not think about pet daycare? If you want to save money, then hiring a pet sitter or leaving them with a relative for the day could be other options.

Keep them entertained

An excellent way for your pet to feel calm is to keep their minds busy. This could be making sure they get a long walk before you head to work. There are also plenty of great pet toys on the market that mean your pet has to work to get treats out. This can be a great way to keep them entertained for hours.

Consider a friend

Have you thought about getting another pet to keep your company? It isn’t always the best option, and not everyone has the space or money for another four-legged friend. However, it could be a simple way to help your pet feel more at ease

One of the most important aspects of becoming a pet parent is learning how to read their body language and understand their needs. Being able to spot the signs your pet may be anxious, and learning what to do about it are great ways to keep them happy and healthy.