Science Says Eating These Foods Can Help You Feel More Confident

Do you ever wake up and realize that you’re going to have a bad day because you don’t feel confident in the slightest? Our confidence levels can really affect our day-to-day lives, and can often leave us feeling a little blue. You may shy away from making your presence known in a business meeting, you may leave the train without talking to that guy you clocked eyes with, or you may just not even leave the house at all. But what if your eating habits could change that? Here are the foods science say can make you feel more confident.


Although pistachios might take more effort to eat than most other snacks, peeling off the outer shells may be one of the best decisions you make. That’s because pistachios have been proven to increase the level of gamma rays in your brain. While this might not sound like anything special, this increase can help your cognitive function, your memory, and your ability to take in new information. When you realize this is the case, you’ll probably feel like you can take over the world.


If you’ve not got on the matcha tea bandwagon just yet, you should probably start stocking up your pantry right away. Matcha is full of something called L-theanine, which is an amino acid we all need in our lives. It’s been noted that matcha makes us feel incredibly happy because it increases our sense of well-being. It’s easy to add matcha into your diet, as well, because all you need to do is switch your morning coffee for a matcha latte, and you’ll be full of confidence!


It’s fair to say that quinoa is an acquired taste, and you either love this little grain, or you hate it. If you do love it, then you might want to add more of it into your diet – because it can really help boost your confidence. According to experts, quinoa is packed full of flavonoid, which has a “significant antidepressant effect.” This can help improve your mood, improve your confidence, and make you feel pretty good about yourself overall.


If you need any more reason to eat a huge block of cheese when you get home, this is it. Although eating a huge amount of cheese might not be too good for you, it might surprise you to know that a small amount of cheese can help you fight those Monday blues. That’s because it’s been noted that cheese that is fortified in vitamin D can help protect you from mood disorders such as depression. This will leave you feeling happy and ready to take on the world.


The best thing about turmeric is that you really can add it to anything, from your latte to your curry. This spice is full of nutrients, including curcumin, which has been proven to enhance your mood and protect your neural pathways. As if that wasn’t enough, there has been a direct link between turmeric and the fight against depression.

Need to feel a little more confident? These foods will help, so eat up!