Science Explains How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

As more of us live in highrises and in the city, our pets are getting less outdoor space than ever. So what if you have an indoor cat, but you want to make sure they’re as happy as can be? Thankfully, science explains how to make sure all their needs are met.

Choose the right cat

The first place to start is with your choice of cats. High energy cats or rescue that aren’t used to living inside usually don’t adapt very well to living indoors. However, cats that are used to living indoors, older cats, or those with illnesses that mean they need to stay indoors usually adapt to their life better than others.

Create their own space

Cats are semi-social creatures. This means they typically try to avoid social situations don’t like sudden crowds in their home. It’s essential to create a space for your cat that’s away from noise and people, such as a corner in a quiet room or even their own bedroom. Most cats also love to climb, so a high cat tree is a great way to give them a better viewpoint.

Use games for food

One issue that often plagues indoor cats is obesity. They are designed to hunt for their food, not have it handed to them in a bowl. Thankfully, there are plenty of food-based toys that mean your cat needs to figure out how to get their food. You can also scatter their food in various places around the home, so they need to hunt it down first.

Plenty of playtime

Playtime is a great way to bond with your pet as well as keeping your indoor cat happy. Cats are designed to use short bursts of energy to hunt their prey. Playtime is best in short bursts, using toys like feathers, mice, and birds that mimic their natural food. Ending playtime on a positive note is also a great way to make sure they want to play again next time.

Provide scratching posts

If you want to save your rugs and furniture, then it might be time to invest in a scratching post or two. Our cats have learned how to keep their claws sharp and will often look for anything that can be used to help. Did you know that cats also leave claw marks so that other cats have something to follow?

Think about their litter box placement

It turns out that our cats are more similar to us than we ever believed. They don’t like any wandering eyes when they’re using the bathroom. This means it’s important to put their litter box somewhere quiet and out of the way. This could stop your cat from finding its own toilet if they’re unhappy with their alternative.

Indoor cats can get the best of both worlds if we learn to keep them happy and healthy. Thankfully, a few small changes and making some time to spend with your feline friend might be all you need to make sure they have everything they need.