Safe Ways To Break Up A Dog Fight

Many of us would do anything to protect our four-legged friends. So what about when they go tooth and claw against one another? Thankfully, there are some safe ways to break up a dog fight that should help to make sure that everyone stays out of danger before it’s too late.

The wheelbarrow

This technique is best if there are two people who can both help to get the dogs to safety. All you need to do is have one person walk up behind each dog. Then, grab both of their back legs at the same time. The dogs should quickly realize they can’t get any grip on the floor and stop fighting. This gives people a chance to pull the dogs away from one another and create some space. Just make sure to wear long-sleeved clothes and even gloves as well as keeping your face away from the dogs.

Spray some water

Sometimes, we need to break up a fight on our own. Spraying water can help to diffuse the situation without getting too close. It’s best to grab a garden hose and spray the water at the nose and eyes of the more aggressive dog in the fight. If you don’t have a hose, then using a bucket of water or a spray bottle filled with vinegar or citronella can be just as effective. Some experts recommend using CO2 extinguishers, but this is thought to be a last resort for extreme fights only.

Make a lot of noise

A loud or sudden noise can sometimes be all it takes to startle dogs and get them to stop fighting before someone can intervene. This can be done in many ways. Sounding a horn, clapping hands, or banging something as loudly as possible are great ways to get their attention. Putting stones into a plastic bottle can also be a loud enough noise to stop many dogs in their tracks. Try not to shout and scream as this could encourage the dogs to fight as they believe you are cheering them on.

Throw a blanket

This might not always be the best way to break up a fight as it could just add to the confusion. However, if the dogs aren’t fighting too aggressively, then you might be able to break them up by using a blanket. It’s best to try and throw it over their heads to block their sight. If there are two of you, then you could use two blankets to throw over each dog before wrapping it around their face and pulling them away. Just be sure not to let your hands get near their mouth.

Seeing dogs fighting can be a scary experience, and many of us start to panic as we try to work out how to get them to stop. However, learning the safe ways to break up a dog fight means that we are a little more prepared if we ever find ourselves in the situation. Just be sure to make sure that your safety is still the most important thing.