Renting A Chicken Is Now More Popular Then Ever

The global pandemic saw many of us turn to all kinds of animals as a way to find company and comfort in such uncertain times. However, no one expected one trend to take off more than it ever has in years gone by. The trend in question? Renting a chicken as it’s now more popular than ever.

Renting a chicken has everything you need

One of the many things that people love about renting a chicken is they come with everything anyone could need to get started. Companies usually offer up coops, a selection of food, bedding, and the chickens to get people started – and ensure their chickens have everything they need to stay safe. Several businesses also offer their chickens to families from anywhere from four weeks to six months.

Maxing out on chickens

Several companies across the US have noticed something strange in the last few months as renting a chicken is now more popular than ever. CT Rent a Hen already rented out all 180 of their chickens for 2021 by April, and the same was said in 2020 as they were all booked by March. They even have a waiting list of 80 families, all hoping to get their hands on some chickens. Rent The Chicken is another company that’s seen an increase as their rentals have increased by 30% in the last two years.

Plenty of benefits

Thankfully, there are plenty of benefits to renting a chicken. One of the best things is learning all about taking care of the animals before investing in a new addition for the family. Renting a chicken can also be a great way to teach little ones about caring for animals. As if that wasn’t enough, several people say they find comfort in watching the chickens go about their business.

Try before you buy a chicken

Another great thing about renting a chicken is that people can see how they find caring for them before they invest in their own hens. Most companies provide training materials to ensure they know everything there is to know about caring for the birds and what they need to stay helpful. Of course, people can also find a way to use all those eggs that could soon be a part of their everyday lives.

The pandemic increased demand

The main reason that renting a chicken is now more popular than ever is because of the global pandemic. Many parents wanted a new way to teach their children at home while they were being homeschooled, while others wanted to try farming while they had the time to spend at home. While it has been a strange time for people across the world, it’s also given many a chance to try something they’ve always wanted to welcome into their lives.

There are plenty of reasons that renting a chicken is now more popular than ever, and it doesn’t seem as though the trend is set to go anywhere anytime soon – and we can’t say we’re upset by that fact.