Should You Raise Your Pet Vegan? Experts Are Warning Against It

Going vegan has been on the rise over the last few years as more and more people are opting for the lifestyle. However, many are talking about whether you should raise your pet as a vegan. Now, many experts are warning against it.

Some couldn’t cope

Some animals are born to eat meat or a variety of meat and vegetables – no matter whether we like it or not. Pets, such as most breeds of snakes, cats, some lizards, and even certain species of fish, have evolved to eat meat-based or mostly meat-based diets. Taking these away from the pets might mean they aren’t getting the food their bodies have adapted to digest over the years.

They could miss nutrients

Our bodies have learned how to get all the nutrients that we need to thrive, and the same goes for our pets. They have spent thousands of years evolving to eat certain food. Suddenly changing their diet could lead to a lack of nutrients in some departments. Other animals might not be able to digest certain types of food, meaning they won’t get the nutrients from there anyway.

Their teeth could suffer

Yes, everything down to our pet’s teeth have adapted to eat the diet that nature intended. Herbivores, such as horses and cows, have flat teeth that are perfect for grinding down plants and larger stomachs. However, meat-eaters normally have sharper teeth and smaller stomachs. Giving your pet a plant-based diet when they aren’t used to it could mean they wear their teeth down faster than they should, or they get digestive issues, such as colic.

They might contain unsafe elements

Many pet food brands have launched vegan ranges. That must mean they are safe for our pets, right? Sadly, it turns out that not all vegan pet foods meet the same standards. This could mean that anything and everything makes its way to the final product. To top it off, other companies have been known to alter their packaging to human-wash things to make it look as though they’re vegan – when they might still be using outside ingredients or methods.

You might break the law

Yes, it turns out that some people really could be prosecuted for feeding their pets a vegan diet. In the UK, the Animal Welfare Act allows owners to be charged if they are found feeding their cats pure vegan diets. This is because cats are known to need meat to be healthy. Going without the primary part of their diet can lead to a lack of certain nutrients, and several health issues, such as liver and eye illnesses.

Thankfully, there are many vegan pets out there that could be the perfect alternative for people looking for their pets to follow the same lifestyle. Many small fish, most rodents, and plenty of species of tortoises can all live on purely vegan dies. Could this be the best of both worlds? Sadly, it looks as though experts are out for the other pets.