Photos That Prove Sphynx Cats Are The Best

Here are some of the cutest and craziest Sphynx cats, getting a load of some pawesome facts about our non-furry friends along the way.

Sphynx cats, no doubt, stand out for the way they look. Their lack of a thick, plush, or even a sleek coat is different from your usual cat. In many ways, this makes them quite desirable, their wrinkled, rugged look is endearing to loads of people around the world who would give anything to be the proud owner of a sphynx cat. Most people might assume that these cats are from a nice and warm part of the world, why else would they have no hair? However, they couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. These mysterious felines actually originate from the freezing, snow-filled parts of Canada. The first hairless Sphynx cat of this variety was born in Ontario. The result was from a genetic mutation that also developed in several other separate cat litters. Eventually, after breeding efforts, the Sphynx cat became a legitimate breed of cat. They’re not the only breed of hairless cats, as several other varieties were caused by a different genetic mutation.

This cat’s cute knit sweater

There is just no pleasing some cats. Interestingly, these Sphynx cats don’t necessarily get any colder than a typical cat even though they don’t have any fur.

These guys actually have a warmer core body temperature than their other feline counterparts, being at least four degrees warmer than other cat breeds.

However, in many ways, it makes up for what they have already lost, but they’ve been known to love their kitty sweaters just as much as well as cuddling up to their human for some cozy cuddles. This guy here definitely seems to be scheming something, maybe he doesn’t think the color suits him?

They can get a little freaky

In all fairness, if we saw a regular full-haired cat sitting in this position, then we’d still be a little freaked out.

However, there’s just something about being able to see every line and curve of this cats body that somehow makes it a little more daunting.

Perhaps this little guy never correctly learned how to hunt and pounce, and this is his way of making up for it. Whatever it is, we’re pretty sure would probably keel over of fright more than anything else, at the sight of this strange creature readying itself for a small snack. We’re pretty glad they like humans.

They love a good bath

Most cat owners aren’t planning on bathing their fluffy pets anytime soon.

However, Sphynx cats actually require a full grooming routine as an owner would plan if they had a pet dog. As a result of having no fur, these guys need a recommended weekly bath.

This is because their natural oils do not get absorbed as they don’t have fur to do so; instead, it remains on their skin, eventually causing an oil build-up. Not to mention it helps prevent any dirt build-up and cleaning anything on there that shouldn’t be. As this is pretty well known from when they’re kittens, they get used to the whole thing pretty fast.

The sacred baubles

We’re pretty sure that this is the cat version of paradise. After all, what could be better than dangling, light-up sparkles ready for the mighty paw?

This cat is pretty ambitious, that’s all we’re going to say since it seems the ultimate cat toy is just out of reach.

Sphynx cats are known for being extremely friendly and playful. You could basically put anything in front of these guys, and they’ll oblige in having some super energetic, happy fun. Maybe one day this little guy will finally reach the glistening baubles of happiness and bliss… or perhaps just a red dot will do.

Crazy looking creatures

There’s no denying that these guys are pretty strange-looking creatures. Of course, that’s all apart of the allure to these different kinds of cats.

However, any Sphynx cat owner will proudly tell you that their cat is a little love-bun and super affectionate.

There are several breeds of hairless cat beside the Canadian Sphynx. There is also a Russian cousin cat called the Donskoy that is also bald. There are several others that have been bred since then, including the elf cat and the Peterbald. All of which are pretty sweet companions, but out of all of them, the Sphynx finds itself the most popular.

Stay where you are

Didn’t we mention just how much these guys love a cuddle? Well, here is one of the loveable companions having a well-deserved cuddle with his human.

Just looking at this cat’s face, it’s easy to see that there is nothing but pure contentment there. It even seems as if there’s the hint of a smile here.

Many people can’t help but adore this breed, and with good reason. The Sphynx cat was only officially recognized as a breed in 2002 and have since become a very popular choice of showcat. Their striking features captivate people from across the world, making them interesting to look at.

This overprotective little guy

While we’ve been claiming that these guys are the sweetest and most affectionate guys ever, here’s a Sphynx cat guarding his treasure.

We can’t help but feel as if he may have seen the Hobbit movies and took a leaf out of the dragon, Smaug’s book.

Better not take his gold pieces, or you’ll regret it! This guy sure does a great impression, we’re almost convinced we wouldn’t win if he really wanted to make sure no one got to his treasure. Perhaps someone sprayed it with catnip? It’s the only thing we can think of that would make this guy so protective over his prize, but maybe he really does just love gold.

The menacing look of doom

Of course, the worst thing that’s going to happen here is more like a head boop or a belly rub.

It just so happens that these guys have a slightly menacing concentration look. In saying that, most cats do, it’s just somehow the fur masks the severity.

Of course, these little guys can’t help it, they can’t hide their wrinkles, which, in some situations, can make them look either concerned or angry. However, they can’t help their expressions, and they’re pretty famous for wanting to be the center of attention. No doubt this guy will be sticking around for more human cuddles.

Super big eyes

Most cats have pretty large eyes, but it seems as if none are more pronounced or effective as the large eyes of a Sphynx cat.

With eyes that look as if they could be larger than their heads, this little guy appears as if he would suit a pair of these human shades.

Perhaps he’s just confused at the weird human contraption, what do they do? Is it going to eat me? Can I eat them? Who knows, but this Sphynx cat’s curious look is pretty adorable, no doubt the owner can’t help themselves but do anything for this little feline.

Is there a problem, sir?

Sphynx cats are known to be highly energetic creatures, and absolutely love to have a good play.

This cat might enjoy a good cuddle, but when they are not in the arms of their loving owners, they could be about the house causing trouble.

It’s essential to keep some awesome toys for the Sphynx cat to play with, from teaser toys to challenging puzzles. This cat likes to be tested. Here is a Sphynx cat showing you just how little he cares about decorum and grace when there’s something as thrilling as this chaser toy. “Who dares interrupt my playtime?”

They’re kinda crazy

If we didn’t know any better, we would assume this cat was getting ready to perform the play of his life. Between the props and the hand actions.

Perhaps this cat is having some kind of existential crisis, wondering what he is and where his place in the world is.

It’s pretty safe to say that, with one of these cats, you will rarely be bored. From cuddles to crazy moves, what these guys lack in fur, they make up with everything else. Sure, they might be wrinkly little creatures, but looking into those eyes, you’ll be hard pushed not to love them.

They can be your yoga buddy

Like most felines, these guys have some pretty impressive moves. However, they have actually been well-known for being super clumsy.

So, while this little guy here looks like he’s nailed this pose, there’s a pretty good chance that they probably fell over their paws after this shot was taken.

Chances are, even while being a notorious clumsy cat, they’re probably more proficient when it comes to bending and stretching in those awkward yoga poses. These cats are generally very healthy and agile, however, like many breeds, can suffer from certain genetic diseases that can affect them in the future.

He will reach the top

This cat is afraid of nothing; if you think anything is going to stop him from reaching the top, then you have something coming.

He’s probably done it quite a few times before since he doesn’t appear to be particularly tentative when it comes to climbing the ladder to the top bunk.

While it seems quite impressive watching this Sphynx cat climbing the ladder to the human’s sleeping den, how does he think he’s going to get down? The top bunk looks pretty high, does the cat just decide he’s going to jump all the way or take the ladder back down?

That pot belly

This Sphynx cat looks like a pretty angry momma, and we’re not sure why – perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that she knows just how many tiny kittens are going to be birthed pretty soon.

Or maybe it’s something to do with the hormones changing her body and waiting for her babies.

Sphynx cats are pretty well known for having little pot bellies, they might look like they’re a tiny bit overweight, but that’s just how they are. However, we’re pretty sure that this kitty is going to be a Sphynx mommy pretty soon, so she’s obviously much larger than usual.

Regulating that body temperature

While Sphynx cats might have core temperatures four degrees higher than that of an average cat, they are actually pretty bad at regulating their own body temperature.

That’s why sometimes it might be necessary to help them out a little when they get cold.

This guy does not seem to be happy with the added faux fur coat he’s been given, or maybe that’s somehow the face of appreciation, we really can’t tell. We think he looks pretty fabulous, but then it might not suit his usual style of naked chic. Oh well, you have got to keep yourself warm, buddy.

Those spa vibes

Once these cats have got used to the fact that they need to be bathed every week, they start to relax and get into it.

This cat is enjoying the perfect spa day to get some much-needed R & R. It looks as if the owner has included some super luxurious oils that will nourish the cat’s skin.

It’s essential the cats do get an excellent moisturizing, or some oils returned to their skin after a bath, as they could dry out very quickly and become rather sore. You can see the knowing look in this kitties eyes as she’s obviously enjoying herself. Perhaps the battle will be taking them out of the bath?

All those cuddles

These cats are not aloof and hate to be ignored. Here is a first-class example of how a Sphynx cat will demand your attention in some of the strangest ways possible.

Does this cat care about personal space? Absolutely not, in fact, this cat doesn’t understand the concept of personal space at all.

Of course, that’s part of the allure for these non-furry friends, is just how loving they are, and unapologetic too. What’s better than reciprocated cuddles with your feline friend after a long day at work? We’re sure this guy would rather the cat was the other way round, but you can’t be fussy when it comes to cuddles.

Those big, loving eyes

Just look at this little guy’s face. Who could say no to something as adorable as this? Well, while Sphynx cats might seem as if they’re totally hairless, they’re actually not as bare-backed as you might think.

They have a tiny layer of thin hair-fibers that cover their body.

This means that, when you cuddle them or give them a loving stroke, they don’t actually feel like your stroking bare cat skin. Instead, they have a somewhat velvety feeling about them, making them soft and lovely to cuddle. However, these cats are pretty hairless when you compare them to your average cat, who are plush and covered in fur.

They love like-minded company

Sphynx cats are very sociable creatures, and as much as they love a human’s company, they also love the company of another cat.

These guys are so loving, they really enjoy having a friend or playmate around to make life that bit more interesting.

The Sphynx cat is also known to be a dog-friendly breed. Of course, as any animal will need, the introduction needs to be controlled, but overall, they’re very accepting of the situation is handled correctly. They’re also a great choice to have around children too, for the very same reason. What we’re basically saying is there’s no downside to a Sphynx cat.

Cozying up

These guys sure do know how to live. This kitty here knows what he wants, and he’s getting it. Rather than laying on his belly, this one is so comfortable with where he is that he looks like he’s sleeping like a human.

We’re betting that plush blanket is helping too, there’s just something about wrapping yourself up in a soft blanket.

Because the Sphynx cat has a lack of fur to protect their skin, if they’re ever laying in the sunshine or maybe going out on a warm day, then it’s recommended to apply sunscreen to them. This is because they don’t have fur to act as a barrier against the sun and they can get sunburned if they’re not careful.

Their kittens are so dang cute

Kittens in any form can be pretty adorable, but there’s something about the Phynx cat’s kittens that is just too irresistible.

They just look as if they need a constant cuddle for warmth and love, who isn’t going to volunteer for that? We’d be more than happy to do it!

These little cuties still have a variety of patterns and colors despite the fact they don’t have any prominent fur to show for it. Instead, these cats’ skin is actually colored and patterned, meaning they can have patterns such as tabbies, black, or tortoise designs like other cats. They sure are intriguing creatures.

Can you guess what this is?

Don’t worry, we’re going to tell you anyway. This is a Sphynx cat’s paw, or hand, depending on how you see it.

We’re pretty sure it looks as if this cat has an opposable thumb, but we’re pretty sure that it’s a false alarm.

In some ways, this is pretty terrifying since it looks a bit like a strange baby’s hand. However, this is actually the paw of a Sphynx cat. At the very least, you know it’s going to be there for you, comforting you, and somehow literally holding your hand. There are stranger things in the world, but this is pretty strange.

Cute comes in many forms

Just because this cat doesn’t have any fur doesn’t make watching it sleep any less adorable. Most people have those moments with their pets, when they’re finally calm and resting, not getting up to any mischief.

There’s something about seeing your pet all curled up and happy, sleeping peacefully that’s just wonderful.

This guy is the perfect example of a Sphynx cat, just get a load of all those wrinkles all curled up into a ball, and meeting that little potbelly. Sure this guy isn’t a dribbling fluffball, but he’s still pretty adorable. Oh, and they won’t shed, how good is that?

They’re super loving

This little Sphynx is called Chunks; his owner brought back a cold egg she had found outside, and Chunks instantly took the egg under his wing.

Or naked armpit. Either way, he incubated this egg for nearly two months until the egg actually hatched.

Inside was a baby duck! Of course, chunks were more than a little confused with his new furry friend at first. After all, where had his favorite egg gone? However, the two bonded quickly and became good friends. These cats are so loving, they’ll look after and accept a baby bird into their home. So adorable.

Couple cuddles

There is just something so alluring about those fluffy blankets, that’s for sure. These sleepy cats can’t seem to get enough of the softness rubbing against their skin.

These guys look like a proper married couple, with the rear cat somehow looking more masculine than the one in front. Perhaps it’s the protective pose?

These guys probably need to cuddle up this way to keep warm, or we’re guessing they would be all over their human owners, or underneath the covers! Their peaceful, sleepy looks are so adorable, you’d never want to wake them up! Although you’d never get all the other cool sides to them.

Scheming Sphynxes

No loitering you guys, you know people find it antisocial! You know, these guys almost seem as if they’re scheming something.

Could there be another hanging ball of paradise? In other words, a chandelier like the one we saw before.

Whatever it is, we’re pretty sure we don’t want to get in between them and whatever it is they want. To be fair, the car on the far left looks like he’s pretty ready for a nap than anything else, so perhaps the other two will have to go ahead without him. Watch out for the mischievousness on this lot.

Oh dear!

This is pretty much one of the only times these cats look kind of terrifying, we promise.

Okay, fine, there may be other times, but there’s something about this cat’s ears that makes it seem like more like a gremlin than a Sphynx cat.

This Sphynx cat looks as if it’s caught somewhere in the middle of a sneeze, or someone has told an absolutely hilarious joke. If it’s the latter, then we definitely want in, what could tickle this cat to laugh so hard? He even has his little paw up and everything as if he just can’t get enough. These cats sure do have a lot of character.

Girl’s gotta be fashionable

Whoever said Sphynx cats can’t look good hadn’t seen this beaut over here. Her owners definitely thought about what outfit would best compliment her colorings.

She looks fantastic too, and as if she absolutely loves it.

It also shows how many people can easily see the beauty in these cats, as fur isn’t everything. The tones on this kitty’s face is absolutely adorable and gives her so much character; it’s hard not to want to give her a fuss. She looks as if she’s a pampered princess, the kind of Sphynx that has weekly spas rather than baths. We won’t admit we’re a little jealous.

A cat or some kind of alien?

Apparently, these cats have been known to sit in some seriously strange positions. Take this feline as an example, who would ever choose that as a natural position to sit in?

Well, it seems as if this Sphynx wants to be noticed and remembered for her strange posture.

It even looks as if you can see some kind of belly button, which is rather strange! However, there’s nothing quite as disarming as the stare of one of these kitties, while shes sat in such a peculiar position, her expression suggests nothing is out of the ordinary. Just don’t look in her eyes for too long or you’ll get lost.

Showing off

No one likes a show-off, except if it’s a sphynx cat of course. Few people can boast that they can get their leg over their head, let alone do it naturally in their sleep.

Well, this cat is showing off her skills when it comes to being super agile and athletic.

Not to mention she’s curling her ultra-cute toe beans while she catches those z’s. This is the picture of one content cat. One thing many people think is that these cats are hypoallergenic as they have no fur, that’s actually not the case and still have dander, which is what causes most reactions. So, if you have allergies, these are still regular ol’ cats!