Is It Possible to Love a Cat Again After Losing One?

Whenever we welcome a pet into our house, we’re aware that they’re going to be with us for a limited amount of time. Despite this fact, we still feel heartbroken when our beloved kitties leave us.

Many people choose to adopt a new fur ball, but they feel guilty and don’t know how to cope with the feeling. Let’s see how can you adjust to your new life and pet.

Dealing with pain

Losing a member of the family is very heartbreaking. Even though cats can live long, healthy lives, it’s devastating to have them leave us.

The first step toward recovery is dealing with the pain. It will be painful, but you have to live with the feeling. It’s not going to pass quickly — you have to work alongside your mind to develop a rational coping mechanism.

Think about how your late cat lived the best possible life. He or she was cuddled, fed and loved each and every day. In the end, you can’t stop the circle of life or natural processes.

The only thing you can do is give your best and be aware that love between you and your cat will be forever — no matter what. You gave your absolute best to enrich their lives and make sure they’re getting the love they deserve. You can’t control everything else.

Guilt shouldn’t be there

Adopting an animal is a noble act for you, your family and nature itself. You are saving a cat from the streets, hunger and a hard life. The separation from your late pet shouldn’t stop you from being noble.

If your cat could talk, she would definitely want you to commit to another — they would love to see you continuing your noble behavior.

All the love you feel is always inside. You just choose whom to direct it to. When your cat departs from this world, you just feel confused and overwhelmed with grief. Although it takes a significant amount of time to muster the strength, you can direct it toward a new member of your family.

You should never feel guilty. Continuing to be kind toward members of the animal kingdom is the greatest compliment you can give to your late friend. Trust your gut and don’t be afraid.

How to pick your next kitty

To help you move on, your new kitten should be a completely different one. Although you will spend time with it, similarities will cause pain more often than not. Pick a different-looking cat and don’t worry. You will grow accustomed very quickly.

We strongly advise that you should take in a kitten from a shelter. That way, you will both save a life and be able to welcome a new family member much more easily. Learn from your previous mistakes and make sure you’re always there for your new fur ball. They will appreciate all the love you give them!