Pets Who Look Just Like Their Humans

If you love your pet more than life itself, then there’s a high chance you become more and more alike every single day. But do you look like your pet? Well, despite the species divide, these pets and their owners look almost identical.

Pets are pretty awesome, right? If you’re lucky enough to have a pet in your life, there’s a high chance that you spend as much time as you possibly can with them. After all, they’re not just an animal that you have in your home. They are companions, they are carers, they are best friends, and they are family. Although there’s a pretty obvious species divide between the two of you, there’s no doubt about the fact that the connection you share is truly special.

If you hang out with another human being for a long length of time, you might adopt some of their mannerisms. You might find yourself using some of the phrases they use on a regular basis, you might start flipping your hair around when you’re talking to others, or you may just adopt their favorite lipstick color. It seems as though the same can be said for owners and their pets, but these guys go one step further. That’s because these pets look just like their owners.

Got my eyes on you

Although it’s not impossible, it’s incredibly rare to come across human beings who have different colored eyes.

This medical phenomenon is called heterochromia, and while there are many people around the world who have slight heterochromia, only a select few get the chance to have two eyes that are opposites of each other.

It’s pretty awesome, right? This condition isn’t just prevalent in humans, because adorable animals also have the condition. We bet this lady loves the fact that she can share in her medical marvel with her best friend because they are both absolutely stunning. After all, their connection goes way beyond their emotional bond!

Just a little fluffy

Dogs are considered to be human’s best friends, and it seems as though these two are the best of buddies.

In fact, we’re even convinced that they both go to the same hair salon because this woman and her puppy look almost identical.

Thankfully, it seems as though both of them are pretty happy about that fact because the smiles on their faces say it all. The woman looks over the moon to share her hairstyle and color with her beloved dog, and we don’t blame her for that. If we saw that little doggo on the street, we’d be running over for cuddles in seconds.

Sharing a bond

It seems as though there’s a trend in the world of heterochromia because this is another example of human and animal sharing a bond that only few can connect with.

This little boy seems to have embraced his unique look thanks to his wonderful kitty, and it’s amazing to see their shared experience.

Of course, that cat doesn’t look too happy to be there, but we’re gonna go ahead and assume that this photograph was taken on a bad day. We bet that normally, this little kitty, this little boy, and their beautiful eyes have oodles of fun in the backyard. After all, cats are extremely loyal creatures.

I mustache you a question

One of the most amazing things about the animal kingdom is that every single animal is different. Yes, even though within the same species!

Humans have different hair colors, they have different personality traits, and they even have different moles on their body – and it’s the same with other animals.

Because of this, it’s even more amazing that these two have found their way to each other. This man could have chosen any kitten from the litter, but he chose one that had a mustache just like him. Whether you believe in fate or not, you can’t deny that that’s a little too coincidental.

The smile says it all

It’s always incredible to see an owner and their pet with smiles on their faces because that shows the world that their connection is truly special.

This man and his dog have obviously shared some emotional experiences together, and they have obviously gone through various stages of their lives together.

Yet, what’s even more incredible is the fact that they look just as content as each other. Okay, so the dog may be a little hairier than its owner, and its teeth may not be on show for all to see, but the smile says it all. They’ve got a good thing going on.

Having a read

They say that you adopt some of your pets mannerisms when you spend time with them, but we can only imagine that this happened the other way around.

After all, we’d be pretty impressed if this cat had decided to have a little lie down on the bed and read a magazine!

When this little guy saw his owner chilling out and having a read to pass the time, they decided to get involved. It seems as though reading isn’t the easiest task for this cat, however, as you can see, its concentration tongue poking out of its adorable little mouth. It’s the taking part that counts.

Hair in the eyes

Whether this man intentionally let his dog’s hair grow out to match his, or whether he grew his hair out to match his dog, there’s no doubt about the fact that they look pretty identical right now.

If they were of the same species, you’d definitely pass them off as twins.

These two look so alike, and we bet they have the most perfect relationship. However, we can’t help but wonder if the dog could also use a headband. The man has managed to keep his hair out of his eyes with a headband, so where is the dog’s headband? We think it would finish off their twinning look.

Not dreading it

If you have a pet in your life, there’s a high chance that they have inspired you in one way or another.

They may have inspired you to have more patience, they may have inspired you to love harder, and they may have even inspired your hairstyle.

This dreadlocked dog is absolutely rockings its look, so we don’t blame this owner for going the extra mile and giving it a go herself. While the woman has decided to add a bit of color into her locks, we can imagine they’re both dreading the day that summer comes around and they have to go for their hair cut.

The silver fox

Many people spend their lives covering up their gray hairs and masking their silver whiskers with hair dye, but these two have obviously decided to embrace their aging hair.

After all, everything’s better when you do it together, right?

This dog and his owner had each other to fall back on if they ever felt self-conscious of their silver locks, but we can’t imagine that ever happened. Not only are they rocking the silver fox look, but they are also showing off their epic turtlenecks to the world. It’s no wonder this man and his dog have since become the ultimate model pairing.

Just don’t believe it

When you welcome a pet into your life, you are also welcoming them into every aspect of your existence. If you’re happy for that to happen, then you’ll soon realize that your mind and your pet’s mind become one.

They seem to know how you’re feeling, they seem to be able to see the world through your eyes, and they also seem to experience everything that you do.

The same can be said for humans feeling what their pets feel on a daily basis, which is probably why these two seem to be dealing with something pretty sketchy. That facial expression says it all, really.

The perfect hairstyle

If you’re wondering why you recognize this lady, that’s because this gray-haired beauty is Elizabeth Taylor – and her dog!

This Hollywood actress made no secret of the fact that she loved her animals, but she had a special place in her heart for dogs.

In fact, she had a huge number of dogs over the course of her career. This particular dog was Mariposa, a beautiful Shih Tzu who was one of Elizabeth’s favorites. For this particular photo shoot, the actress decided that she wanted to look exactly like her beautiful Mariposa, so she donned a wig that was designed specifically for them.

Something is missing

They say that when you spend enough time with someone, you basically become that person. We can only assume that the same can be said between dog and owner because these two are uncannily similar.

We don’t know what it is about these two, but something about their facial expressions shows a connection that only dog and owner can have.

They look as though they are thinking the same thing, and they look as though they are sharing a secret conversation between the both of them. In fact, the only difference between these two is that something is missing. It must be the glasses.

Taking a selfie

When you’re around your pet all day, there’s a high chance that you don’t notice that you are morphing into one entity.

You just go about your existence, you spend as much time with your pets as possible, and you don’t realize that your mannerisms and even your appearance are changing.

One of the best ways to see whether this has really happened is to take a selfie of you and your dog. This man decided to do just that with his pooch and soon discovered that he and his dog had become even more alike. We think it must be the facial expression!

Their favorite color

Although dogs aren’t quite colorblind, they do see more of the colors on the darker side of the spectrum.

So, we can only go ahead and assume that this dog’s favorite color is black and that it absolutely loves its gorgeous coat.

After falling her love, this owner obviously wanted to connect with her dog on a deeper level, so decided to find a hair color that was as close to her dog’s hair color as possible. We think she did a pretty incredible job because these two look like they should be on the front page of a magazine! We guess there’s still time.

Taming the curls

Choosing the perfect pet can be difficult because you probably want to adopt all of the animals that you see at the shelter. However, many owners find themselves gravitating towards those animals that are similar to themselves.

We bet this woman saw this little one’s beautiful mane and decided that it was going to be the newest addition to her brood.

After all, they basically have the same hair! At least when it comes to the day of hair washing, this woman can tame her dog’s curls with the experience and determination that only those with curls themselves can have.

Just hanging around

It’s clear to see that this woman loves her dog, and it’s clear to see that she’s probably taken great inspiration from her beautiful dog over the years.

Both human and dog have long hair that covers their ears, but they have both managed to show this off in the best way possible.

The dog looks as cute as ever, and this woman has even added a bit of color into the mix. After all, if you look closely, this adorable puppy actually has a slight hint of brown hidden within its black and white coat. Because of this, they’re more like than you probably first realized.

Changing with the times

If you have a dog, you’ll know that they change in appearance throughout their lives. What they look like when they are puppies might be nothing like what they look like when they get older, but that’s what’s so amazing.

This woman obviously decided to change with the times when it came to her hair color, and she also decided to change with her dog.

When her little one was just a puppy, this woman opted for a darker hair color, just like her fluffy puppy. Yet, when her dog got older and grew into her lighter color, the owner followed suit. We personally think that they both look amazing.

Showing off for the camera

There are two kinds of dogs in this world. There are those who won’t cooperate when there are cameras around, but there are also others who show off for the camera and give everyone a show in the process.

It seems as though this dog makes its way into the latter category, but the same can be said for its owner.

After all, you can tell that they are both loving this little photo opportunity. However, it seems as though this isn’t the only thing that these two have in common. Just as this man has some rather impressive facial hair, this dog also seems to have its own mustache and trace of a beard.

Merging into one

Now, this is pretty impressive! The more time you spend with your animal, the more you come to mimic their actions, and the more they begin to mimic yours.

Normally, they’ll eat when you eat, they’ll walk around the house when you walk around the house, and they even sleep when you sleep.

To be more specific, dogs will normally sleep right where you sleep, which means that most dog owners have to be okay with giving up their personal space. This man knows this all too well, but you may have not even realized that there was a dog in the picture. Look closely, and you may just be able to see it.

The same outfits

Of course, there are many pets and humans out there that look alike without them really trying, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t forge this connection yourself.

If you’ve always wanted to look like your dog, all you need is a matching outfit that will bring you closer than ever.

Most dogs love to add another layer to their ensemble, which means that they won’t have any problems with this extra bout of color. However, there are other dogs that might need a little more persuading. It’ll pay off when they realize that they look just like their papa.

Ready for bed

If you spend more time with your pet than you spend with other people in this world, then it’s fair to say that your pet is your best friend.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this because we have a feeling that your pet probably loves to be the center of your attention.

While we can imagine that this dog loves to be pampered every now and again, we can’t say that it looks thrilled to be getting ready for bed in such a way. The robe is an adorable little touch, but we have to wonder whether it minds the rollers in its hair? Nevertheless, there’s no doubt about the fact that this dog and its owner look the same.

One and the same

When you welcome a new animal into your home, there’s a high chance that you want to take as many photos of it as possible.

However, you might be wondering where the pet is in this image. Well, take a closer look, and you might be able to see an adorable little head nuzzling into its owner’s face.

It’s clear to see that this owner is besotted with her furball, and it’s even clearer to see that they have morphed together to become one and the same. Their hair is exactly the same, and we almost didn’t realize that she was holding anything at all.

Standing up on end

Many households across the world have pets of some kind, and although dogs and cats are perhaps the most popular, there’s no doubt about the fact that guinea pigs also stand at the top of the list.

In fact, there were over 1.3 million guinea pigs in the US alone in 2007, and it’s believed that this number has just increased.

While you can’t exactly take guinea pigs for walks or play fetch with them, there’s no doubt about the fact that owners still feel connected to these animals. This woman obviously loved the fact that her pet’s hair stood on end, so opted to go for the same look when she went to the hair salon.

Whiskers and all

When it comes to pets who look like their owners, it’s important to also note the owners that look like their pets.

In this instance, this owner went to impressive lengths to showcase her love and support for her cat, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s been pretty successful.

After all, it’s clear to see that she’s transformed herself into a feline’s friend. Not only has she donned an all-black outfit to match her perfect cat, but she has also gone one step further. From the cat ears to the contact lenses, and even the whiskers, it’s safe to say that she’s done a good.

All over the place

If you have a pet, you may often find yourself modeling your look on their best features, and it seems as though that’s exactly what has happened in this instance.

While we can imagine that the dog was rocking the epic bangs before its human, they have since become one with their hairstyle.

In fact, the only difference is that this woman has pushed her hair away from her face. We have to wonder how this dog sees where it’s going with all that hair all over the place, but we can only assume that it can rely on its owner to ensure that it’s going in the right direction.

Matching every aspect

While there are some people who do everything they can to ensure that they match their dog, there are others who find themselves matching in every aspect without even realizing it.

This shows the pure connection that humans can have with their animals, but they unconsciously become one with their animals, and that’s pretty impressive.

This woman had no idea that she was matching her dog, but her children soon noted that everything about them was similar. Their hair was the same color, and the dog’s lead was even matching her shoes and her shirt. Now that’s pretty uncanny if we do say so ourselves.

Enjoying your sleep

If you’re an energetic person, then a dog will definitely be right up your street. Yet, if you’re the kind of person that loves to chill on the couch and have naps throughout the day, then you may be more suited to a cat.

These animals just love to enjoy their sleep, and they love to spend most of their day alone and in their own thoughts.

It seems as though this cat met its match when it got this woman as its owner because they seem to have the same intentions in life. They look like they are both having the most wonderful sleep, so we won’t disturb them any further.

Not too impressed

Although Grumpy Cat has since passed away, we can’t help but think that this cat could potentially step into her grumpy shoes.

After all, this kitty doesn’t look impressed at all! You may be wondering what this cat has to be grumpy about, but the answer is right in the photo.

It’s clear to see that this cat’s owner has perfected the sultry pout, which means that her cat may have copied this whole look. In fact, they look even more similar than we first thought. Everything from the hair, to the eyes, and the facial expression looks almost identical.

The other brother

If you’re familiar with the Hemsworth brothers, you’ll know that Liam and Chris are the creams of the crop.

However, many people forget that there’s a third Hemsworth brother and that there’s also a few dogs thrown into the mix.

Liam Hemsworth has made no secret of the fact that he loves animals, and has welcomed various different domestic and farmyard animals into his home with Miley Cryus. Although we bet that Liam loves all of these animals equally, there’s something about his connection with this dog that strikes a chord with us. They’ve definitely got something special going on.

Better together

Animals and humans have lived alongside each other for thousands of years, but it seems as though humans just can’t get enough of having dogs in their lives.

While this man and his dog don’t look too happy in this happy, we’re just going to assume that they were caught off guard.

That’s because these two look better together, even though their hairstyles are a little different. Despite the fact that this dog has one of the biggest coats we’ve ever seen, and its owner is just rocking a small-but-perfectly-formed mustache, their faces look extremely similar. Do you see it too?

The baby blues

If you’ve ever gone to buy a puppy or adopt a dog from a shelter, there’s a high chance that you chose your final pick because they reminded you of yourself.

We bet this woman did exactly the same because they have both been able to grow into their baby blues together.

The shade of their eyes is so similar they could be the same eyes, which is pretty apt, considering many owners feel as though they can see through their dog’s eyes. It’s clear to see that this dog and its owner are proud of their similarity because that stare is truly something special.

Smile for the camera

Sometimes looking like your pet isn’t all about the hair on your head, the hair on your face, or your eye color.

Sometimes your facial expression and your eye contact are enough to show similarities between the two of you, and there’s no doubt about the fact that these two share this connection.

Besides the fact that both dog and owner look as though they are incredibly happy to be in each other’s company, these two also share the same fun and friendly face. We can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to cuddle these two – especially with the dog around!

Brushing together

There are many benefits to looking like your pet, and many benefits to your pet looking like you. That’s because you don’t have to worry too much about grooming if you have the same kind of hair.

While we don’t know whether this man decided to choose this particular dog because it looked just like him with the white and curly hair…

There’s no doubt about the fact that they can share the brushing responsibility. Sure, it might be hard for a dog to brush its owner’s hair, but we can’t see why this man wouldn’t be able to brush his dog’s hair before brushing his own.

The ultimate hairstyle

It’s always amazing to showcase the connection that you have with your pet to the world.

One of the best ways to show this is to share the same hairstyle, and it’s fair to say that this woman and her dog have just that.

Although this simple hairstyle can be seen across the world, there’s something about these two that take this look to a whole new level. They look content, they look connected, and they look like they’re having the time of their lives. In fact, it’s clear to see that this woman loves her dog dearly from the look on her face.

Ready for action

Do you love your animal? Do you want to show off the fact that you’re best friends? Well, sharing your closet may be one of the best ways to do it.

After watching you wear certain accessories and clothing throughout the duration of your life, there’s a high chance that your pet will revel in the fact that they get to dress up like you.

So, get ready with your hats and your ties, and take the ultimate photograph together. It’s important to fill your home with photos of you and your best buddy, just to heighten the fact that they are part of your family as a whole.

Like mother, like dog

It seems as though it’s not just everyday people who turn into their dogs when the doors are closed.

Amanda Seyfried has made no secret of the fact that she loves her dog, and she constantly fills her social media feed with pictures of Finn.

There’s no doubt about the fact that he’s adorable, but there’s also no doubt about the fact that they are incredible in-sync. These two seem to have the same mannerisms after years together, and this can be seen within this photo. Just look at this eye contact, and just look at the pose! They are made for each other.

The perfect stare

If you didn’t already believe that dogs can turn into their owners, then this is probably all of the evidence you need.

It’s clear to see that this man and his dog are the ultimate doppelgangers of each other, even though they are completely different species.

They not only have the same kind of hair atop their heads and on their faces, but they also have the same baby blues. After watching its owner pose for the camera, it seems as though this husky has also managed to perfect the coolest stare known to man. Either that or its fed up of having its photo taken!

Ready for action

Although he has recently had to say goodbye to one of his puppies, Joe Jonas has always filled his life with animals in some form.

He has made it pretty clear to the world that he particularly loves dogs, and this picture is the perfect example of that.

This adorable little puppy is obviously pretty happy to be in the presence of the Jonas Brother, but it also seems as though the Jonas Brother is also pretty happy to be in the presence of the puppy. They have a connection like no other, and there’s no denying the fact that they look pretty similar right now…

Luscious locks

When you spend so much time with any living thing, you create a connection that nobody else can replicate.

It’s something that’s beyond explanation, and can only be felt by those who are in the relationship.

Of course, there is one way to make sure that people know you have a relationship that just can’t be beaten – and that’s by embracing your luscious locks. It’s not hard to see that these two are dog and owner because the hair color and the hairstyle look uncannily alike. The only difference is that the dog has a bit more of it than the man!

Say cheese!

It’s amazing to see how dogs are around their owners because it’s easy to see when they are content and happy in their homes.

They normally protect their owners at all costs, and they smile as soon as they are around them. Don’t believe us? Well, just look at this guy!

It’s clear to see that this dog loves being in the company of its owner, and it’s even clearer to see that she’s equally as in love with her dog. Relationships like this don’t come along very often, which is why you should cherish your pets as much as you possibly can.