These Are The Most Pet-Friendly Cities In The US

Believe it or not, but around 85 million households in the US have a pet. That’s a lot of pets. Perhaps you want to head on vacation? Maybe you’re looking for a new place to live? Whatever the case, these are the most pet-friendly cities in the US.

San Diego, California

The Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon is in town. Yes, we really can take our dogs surfing in San Diego. Many of the restaurants have patios so that owners can dine with their pets. Plus, there are plenty of dog-friendly events, such as Paw-micon – the city’s Comic-Con for dogs.

Boston, Massachusetts

Move over happy hour, it’s time for yappy hour in Boston. Dogs are allowed to ride the subway as long as they travel off-peak where they can enjoy the drink deals with their owners. The best bit? Most of the apartments and homes are dog-friendly, too.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Living in Colorado Springs means that dogs get all the fun of the city paired with plenty of outdoor space thanks to the number of beautiful hiking trails. Seven Falls and Crags Trail are great for adventurous duos while the dog parks are perfect for more laid back outings.

Chicago, Illinois

Most venues have huge dog water bowls for any passers-by. Then there’s Dog Day – the day that gives Chicago White Sox fans to bring their pooch to the big game. To top it off, The 606 is excellent for dog walkers since only pedestrians and cyclists can use the elevated path.

Austin, Texas

There are so many dog-friendly aspects to Austin. The city is home to dog yoga, a swimming spot just for dogs, and restaurants that encourage dogs to join their owners. As if that wasn’t enough, Bow-Wow Bones is a food truck that delivers fresh treats to your pet while on your walk.

Seattle, Washington

Amazingly, there are more dogs in this city than there are children. You can travel with your pooch on public transport and even head to an indoor dog park to keep away from the rain. Want to make new dog friends? There are more than 30 dog meetup group found all across Seattle.

Portland, Oregon

If you thought that dog lover couldn’t go further then welcome to Portland, the city with a social network just for dog lovers. There are a host of dog meetups, including the Pit Bull Parade and Pug Crawl that sees dog owners from all walks of life come together.

San Francisco, California

You don’t need a huge deposit to secure your dog in this city, and you never have to leave them alone. Dogs are allowed on trolleys and can even go to some gyms. Be sure to check out DogFest if you want to celebrate with everyone else’s canines, too.

Cities across America all bring unique aspects to the table. However, the most pet-friendly cities in the US have one thing in common: they welcome our four-legged friends with open arms!