Perfectly Natural Remedies For Anxious Dogs

For some dogs, the world is a scary place. Separation anxiety is one of the most common forms of anxiety in dogs, where they bark excessively and become destructive when left alone. Another typical cause of anxiety is stress. This is usually triggered when their routine is changed, or by sound. If you want to help ease your anxious dog, here are some natural remedies to help.


The most natural remedy of all is yourself. By offering companionship or desensitizing them to scary situations, your dog can experience significantly reduced anxiety levels. It will be tricky to desensitize a dog in some cases, like with fireworks, because you’re going to struggle to get your dog near them safely, and you can’t expose them to it every day. However, for something like a vacuum cleaner, exposure and training can be a perfect remedy for their anxiety.

Chamomile And Passion Flower

Chamomile is often used for humans but is equally useful for your dog. A cup of chamomile tea or a treat soaked in it could be enough to take the edge off, allowing your dog to relax. It also works as a mild sedative, inducing light sleep and calmness. Passion Flower works in the same way, but it also contains flavonoids, which can help insomniac dogs, too.


Valerian is another natural herb which calms anxiety and overexcitability. It is known for relaxing dogs, mentally and physically, therefore reducing stress and tension. It can be fed as a treat, as many dogs will take it from your hand, mixed into a meal, or disguised in another treat for pickier dogs.

St. John’s Wort

This plant is most effective in dogs with separation anxiety and those who get nervous because of certain situations and noises, like thunderstorms. Not only does it reduce anxiety, but it can also lessen the effects of phobias, along with symptoms of fear, such as trembling and urinating.

Compression Shirts

Although not natural, as such, compression shirts are a great idea to soothe anxiety in canines, without having to medicate or sedate them. These shirts are tight around the dog’s body, which reportedly relaxes them. It is supposed to make dogs feel safe, protected, and almost as though they are being hugged. It works equally as well with a blanket or your own t-shirt, so long as it fits tight, but comfortably.


One of the easiest remedies is mental stimulation. This includes exercise, playing, and mental games, like having them figure out how to get a treat out of a puzzle ball. This can occupy your dog long enough that their tension eases and they begin to relax. This is particularly effective in dogs where their anxiety is a result of change; for example, giving your dog something else to focus on can relieve stress about being in a new location.

If your dog is anxious for any reason, natural remedies could help. You don’t necessarily need to rely on medication and veterinary treatments. Herbal calmers and stimulation can be just as effective – all you have to do is figure out what works best for your pup.