Why Do People Give Up On Their New Year’s Resolutions?

We’ve all started a new year with good intentions but by February most of us have already forgotten about our resolutions. All we’re trying to do is improve our lives, but time and time again we fail. Why do we all struggle so much to stick to the goals we set ourselves?

Weight loss

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. We’ve all had too much food and drink over the festive period, and it’s time we got back to being healthy. Some of us might have been eating a bit too much during the previous year, and now that January is here we’re ready to change our lifestyles. Well we are, but for all of about five minutes.

The reason so many struggle keeping their weight loss resolution is because they are expecting instant results. Treating weight loss as a sprint instead of a marathon is the wrong approach, and people lose hope because they don’t get immediate results. The lack of noticeable changes demotivates us to the stage where we just go back to our old ways. To help you stick to your resolution make sure you know it’s going to take a while and break it up into manageable chunks.

High expectations

The New Year is a time when we feel empowered to make changes in our lives and we set ourselves a bunch of new goals. This can be the problem, setting too many goals. We have a long list of things to achieve so start trying to make them happen all at once. There are too many things to focus on, like reading more, meeting new people, quitting drinking, and learning a new skill.

We have developed bad habits over the years, and we tell ourselves this is the year we’re going to curb them. Except it isn’t, unless we start small. Try focusing on just one thing about your life you’d like to change and work toward that, then next year you can fix another bad habit. Maybe you’ll be able to set that goal when you’re halfway through the year if your first resolution goes well!

They take time

Research has shown that it takes 66 days to break your old habits, so you’ve got a couple of months to stick to your goals. If you’re serious about your New Year’s resolutions then you have to expect to be struggling to stick to them by March. Once you get to spring and you’re still plowing ahead with your goal, the chances are it has now become a habit for you. Knowing your resolutions take time to set in is the key to making sure you stick to them.

You won’t turn your life around in a day, so you’ll need to work hard at sticking to your goals. As long as you’re not expecting instant results, you can stick to your resolutions and look back at the end of 2019 happy to have accomplished them!