Most dangerous killer animals

Many people die every day or suffer injuries from different animal attacks. The list below contains the world’s most dangerous killer animals which will not hesitate to inflict serious harm if disrupted.

Cape buffalo

Cape buffalos grow up to even six feet tall weighing close to a ton. They are mild when in a herd but mess with a lone one or its calf and not even a 35 mph run will save you from the beast’s anger.


Brazilian wandering spider

Although its poison has an antivenin, this is the most venomous spider roaming on this planet. If left untreated, its bite will kill even a full grown man.



The great white shark

Its attacks on humans are rare but when they occur, they either leave the victims either between the shark’s saw like teeth or stricken by fear to point of heart attack. Its shape is also uncommonly scary.


Golden dart frog

You have probably seen some native hunters in movie use some darts as arrows to kill their hunts. Well, the poison used in those arrows is extracted from poison dart frogs. That is how poisonous they are.


Black mamba

This poisonous snake is not responsible for a large percent of individuals killed by snake bites. However, it kills most of its bite victims. It is also fast and large accompanied by a terrible reputation.


Saltwater crocodile

All crocodiles are dangerous and ferocious but this species is excessively aggressive. It will attack anything that crosses its path with powerful jaws able to inflict a 3000 pounds per square inch bite.


Box jellyfish

This is a small, transparent box- shaped sea creature. It has elongated tentacles all which are armed with the most poisonous stings along their length. If stung by this jellyfish, victim’s chances of survival are exceedingly minimal.


Cone snail

 Its small shape may deceive you into stepping on this sea creature. That would be the last mistake you ever make in your life for the creatures’ poison has no antivenin and would kill you within minutes.



They are the largest land animals. They have incredible strength and can move entire logs with their trunks. When provoked or when a calf is near, elephants will attack and kill instantly.


Siafu ants

They live in colonies of about 50 million individuals. They have a queen who keeps them together which means they attack as a group. Imagine how much pain a colony of 50 million painful bites would inflict.



Mosquitos will not kill you with their large sizes or poisonous bites but they are carriers of pathogens responsible for about 700 million deaths per year in the world especially by transmitting malaria.


Deathstalker scorpion

A scorpion’s sting can be treated if noticed. The problem is that these death stalkers live near and inside people’s houses where you can easily touch or step on them. Their stings are agonizingly painful and lethal.


Polar bears

Bears are insanely powerful and not to be messed with. When they are hungry usually at the end of winter, bears search for food near people’s camps and will tear apart anyone who tries to stop them.



They are to be found in many children’s stories but encountering a live angry one is no children’s story. Though they are no common man eaters, they are very dangerous when provoked.

Relentless Enemies

The Great Anaconda

The largest snake in the world is surely to make its way here. Reaching 9 meters when full grown, this nightmare lies in water waiting for prey. It coils its body around the victim and crushes its every bone.



These fish are fast and difficult to see. They have spines all over their bodies which if stepped on will inflict venomous substance probably costing you a limb or even worse a life.



They have massive bodies which makes them exceedingly good and fast short distance runners. Hippos are easily frightened and take any intrusion as an attack thus fighting back with ferocity unseen before.


TseTse flies

These insects are equipped with an effective proboscis which they use to suck blood from victims. During this process of feeding tsetse flies transmit a deadly sleeping sickness which causes serious brain swelling.


King cobra

This is the longest growing of the venomous snakes. The snake is able to spit venom in its victim’s eyes from a distance and its bite can kill the largest animal on land in few hours.



Stingrays if feel endangered, can pierce the wetsuit and plunge its venomous sting into a diver. This is how Steve Irwin died when he was fatally injured by a stingray.