Why Mixed Breed Dogs Are Becoming The Most Popular Pet

Mixed breed dogs were once known as the mongrels of the canine world, but now it seems as though these designer dogs are becoming more and more popular. So what is it that’s making them such a sought-after asset?

They’re usually cheaper

While many of us might feel you can’t put a price on love, the thousands of dollars needed for some pedigree pups might be a turnoff for some. Thankfully, mixed breed dogs usually come with a much lower price tag as they typically aren’t a registered breed, but come with all the love and fluff of owning a dog. That’s not all. Mixed breed dogs are usually cheaper to insure thanks to the reduced risks compared to those that generally come with owning a purebred pooch. That’s even more pennies to spend on an extra dog treat or two.

They can be healthier

Purebred dogs are beautiful, but, unfortunately, they can also come with a range of health issues. Some can be inherited conditions while others might be growth defects that can occur in many breeds. Choosing a mix breed dog instead might help to reduce the chance of your pooch developing one of these issues. This theory is called the “hybrid vigor.” Many studies have shown that having a crossbreed dog is likely to dilute the genes, and therefore lessen the chances of any illness in particular. Less chance of illness means a longer, healthier life for our canines!

You get two for one

Have you ever wondered how you can get the love and fun of two dogs while only owning one? Look no further as a mixed breed pooch might be the answer. Crossing two breeds together means you get to enjoy all the advantages of both breeds while still only having one mouth to feed. Their desirable traits are likely to shine through in your new dog, and that’s not all. Some canines’ genes blend to create a perfect mashup of looks when it comes to your four-legged friend. Ever wanted a giant pug or tiny rottweiler? Now might be your chance.

They are everywhere

One of the best things about mixed breed dogs is the fact they are just about everywhere we turn. Although many have started to buy into the designer dog market, it seems as though there are several other options that are more than enough to fill the hole in our hearts. That’s right; shelters are filled with cross breeds looking for the perfect home. Not only do they come with a much lower price tag than puppies at the store, but these little ones will reward you with plenty of love and affection as you can sit back and know you’ve saved their life.

While many of us would have once had nothing less than a purebred dog, it seems as though there are many advantages to choosing a mixed breed canine instead. The best bit? They are filled with double the love all in one fluff-filled package. Perfect.