The Mindfulness Benefits Of Owning A Cat

There are so many great reasons to have a cat in your life, but what about the mindfulness benefits of owning a cat? It turns out our fluffy friends could be helping us in more ways than many of us have ever realized.

They help us cope

Saying “goodbye” to a loved one can be incredibly tough. Believe it or not, but cats are shown to help the grieving process as owners show less pain and usually cry less than those without a cat. Even talking to a cat through hard times can be enough for many to feel a lot fewer symptoms of stress in the long run.

They can help find love

A poll in Britain showed that 82% of women found men more attractive if they have a pet. To top it off, 90% of single ladies said that cat-owning men were “nicer” than other single guys. It might be time to add cat ownership to your dating profile or at least include your fluffy friend in some of your photos.

They tell us about our personalities

The type of pet we choose says a lot about our personality. If you’ve wondered what you’re really like, it could be time to take a look at the type of pets you want by your side. Cat lovers are said to be more introverted and quiet while also being more modest and trustworthy.

They help our carbon footprint

Many of us worry about the impact our lives have on the environment. However, owning a cat is better for the world than having a dog. This is because our feline friends eat less, as well as relying on corn and fish more than beef products. In turn, this can help many of us to feel less stressed about our lifestyles.

They are companions

Most pets are great for people who want someone by their side. It turns out that having a cat can provide the same support as living with a romantic partner. This is because cats love to show kindness in return for favors – like back scratches or treats – and initiate contact with their owners. The best bit? Cats are smart enough to remember our kindness.

They help us sleep

There have been many studies that show people often prefer to sleep with their cat than having a partner by their side. To top it off, people that do sleep with their cats typically sleep better than someone sleeping next to another person. A recent study proved that cat owners might be onto something as 41% of people in the survey confessed they slept better purely because of their pet.

People have spent years arguing about whether cats or dogs are the best pets. While they are both great in their own ways, it turns out there are many mindfulness benefits of owning a cat that we just don’t get from another four-legged friend in our life. It could be time to give our feline some extra catnip as thanks.