How To Make Your Own Dog Bed At Home

We want to give our dogs the best, right? Sometimes, that includes a handmade gift or two to show them just how special they really are. Here’s how to make your own dog bed at home.

A murphy bed

Perhaps you want to take your dog’s furniture to the next level? All you need to do is invest in a cupboard with a single door. Add sides to the door and place a pillow or old sofa cushion in the middle for comfort. Now, you can simply unfold your dog bed whenever your pooch wants a nap.

Recycled tires

If your dog loves to chew on their beds, then it could be time to look for something a little more robust. Thankfully, old tires are great. Simply spray the tire any color you like and let it fully dry before you take it inside. Once here, be sure to fill it with something comfortable, such as blankets or pillows, to help your dog feel nice and relaxed.

A crate bed

Many of us have old crates lying around. These are great for making a dog bed. All it takes is a simple coat of paint or varnish to have the crate looking like new. Be sure to cut a gap in the wood for your dog to climb inside if they have little legs. Then, stuff the bottom with pillows to make it extra cozy.

Converted cupboard

Perhaps you have an old TV console or side table that you no longer need? These can be great places for our dogs. All you need to do is give it a fresh paint job, and you could have the perfect space! Old duvets and spare sheets are great ways to make these DIY dog beds beautiful and inviting.

Upturned table

Unturned tables are great if you want to give your dog the VIP four-poster treatment. It really is as simple as that – turn a side table upside down! It might be best to add some feet or grips onto the top to make sure that it doesn’t slide around. Then, fill the bed with a fluffy cushion for comfort. If you’re feeling really fancy, you could add some drapes over the top.

Repurposed drawers

Before you get rid of your old wooden drawers, it could be time to turn them into a dog bed at home. They are great for smaller dogs and can easily be moved around the house. It’s best to fill the bottom out with old towels or blankets to make it comfortable before adding an extra soft throw over the top so that your dog is kept snug all night long.

Having a dog gives us someone to spoil all year long. If you want to give them a new gift without needing a reason at all, why not learn how to make your own dog bed at home? They’re chic, a great project, and will be as perfectly unique as your pup.