How to Look After Your Skin In Winter

There are so many reasons to love winter, and being wrapped up in oodles of fluffy scarves and bobble-hats are just two of them. When you take it account the falling leaves, the snow that suddenly appears out of nowhere, and the twinkling of Christmas lights, it’s hard to hate such a beautiful season. However, it’s fair to say that there are some aspects of winter that aren’t too loveable. With the crisp, cold air, winter can cause havoc when it comes to your skin. It becomes dry, it can feel irritated, and it always looks dull and lifeless. If you want to change this, this is how you can look after your skin in winter.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

One of the most common complaints about winter skin is that it’s dry and flaky. Nobody wants that, right? That’s why it’s always important to moisturize. If you do moisturize and still suffer from dry winter skin, it’s probably because you are putting on the wrong type of moisturizer. Most experts suggest that you have two moisturizers in your life; a summer one, and a winter one. The summer moisturizer will need to be more water-based, while the winter moisturizer will need to be more oil-based – and much thicker. This is because your skin needs more protection during these months, and the oils with help your skin from drying out. Be careful though, because oil-based products are beneficial for all skin types. If your skin becomes too greasy or spotty, it’s best to stop using that product.

Avoid hot baths

When you come in from a cold and crisp day, the thought of turning on the taps and dunking yourself in a hot bath or shower sounds like bliss. After all, the two go hand-in-hand. But what if we told you that this was actually doing more damage to your skin? The heat of the water actually breaks down the protective barriers in your skin, meaning it is more exposed to the harsh winter. Your skin will become more dry, it will become flaky, and it will just feel pretty darn flat. Although you don’t have to avoid relaxing altogether, it’s always better to bathe in lukewarm water during these months. Your skin will thank you.

Keep up your sun protection

How many of you only wear sunscreen in the summer? It’s a common misconception that you don’t have to wear sunscreen in the winter, because many believe the sun’s rays are no longer a danger. This just isn’t the case. With the low winter sun, you’re still at risk of sun damage, which can result in sunburn, incredible dry and chapped skin, or just irritated skin. If there’s even a hint of sun outside, you still need to apply sunscreen before you leave the house. These products also almost always include moisturizer too – so you can deal with two problems using one product!

Although we love winter, our skin can sometimes suffer when the weather starts to turn – but that doesn’t have to be the case with these tips.