Should You Let Your Pets Sleep On Your Bed?

Pet owners typically have many battles. Do you let your cat get the most comfortable spot on the couch? Does your dog get to lick the bowl clean? Can you llama move inside rather than live in the yard? However, there is one that has stumped many for years: should you let your pets sleep on your bed?

You could get scratched

As much as we love our pets – and we’re sure they love us too – that can all change as soon as we head to bed. All it takes is one wrong roll or an intrusion of space, and you could quickly find yourself on the receiving end of a scratch or a bite. Sure, it might have been an accident, but how was your pet supposed to know that you weren’t about to crush them in the night? Timid or aggressive animals might benefit from sleeping in the same room as their owners without being in bed next to them.

They help boost our brains

Did you know that stroking your pet has been linked to all kinds of brain-boosting effects? It’s said that the time together is supposed to help reduce stress as well as lowering our heart rate and blood pressure. If you’ve had a long day at the office, then it could be time to snuggle up with your pet and feel some of the benefits for yourself. To top it off, just touching your pet can be enough to release the hormone oxytocin, a chemical known as the love hormone. Imagine those benefits all night long?

Causing an issue

It might seem like a good idea to let your pet sleep in your bed at the time, but do you want this commitment for the rest of your life? Letting them sleep in your bed once or twice could quickly create a habit that will last a lifetime. What happens if you meet a new partner, you get sick, or your pet gets too large to sleep in your bed? These are all aspects to think about when trying to decide whether or not you should let your pets sleep on your bed.

Better night’s sleep

Believe it or not, but sleeping with our pets could actually lead to a better night’s sleep in the long run. That’s right; having our pets by our sleeping sides helps many of us to feel safe, which should help people drift off to sleep easier in the long run. Sleeping next to your four-legged friend can also be a great way to bond with your pet as their rhythmic breathing is said to have calming effects on our minds.

When it comes to deciding whether to let your pets sleep on your bed, it seems the choice is up to you! There are many pros and cons, but it’s all about finding the best solution that works for both you and your pet. It might not be long before you get the best night’s sleep of your life.