When To Know It’s Time To Take Your Dog To A Trainer

Our canine friends can quickly become part of the family. Sadly, if we’re not careful, they might become the leader of it, too. Many behaviors can be corrected at home, but how do we know when it’s time to take our dog to a trainer?

They show aggression

Some dogs are fearful of others while others are territorial of their home or their family. While the odd bark or growl might seem like nothing, it might not be long before your dog becomes more aggressive toward others if you don’t nip the behavior in the bud. Thankfully, many dog trainers know plenty of ways to help channel those emotions elsewhere. This also includes if your dog starts behaving aggressively toward other pets.

They lead the walk

Let’s face it; who’s walking who? Many of us get to enjoy long walks with our dogs. Some have a constant battle and end up stressed as a result. If your dog pulls on the leash, chases people and cyclists, refuses to walk, lunges, or shows any other kind of unwanted behavior out on a walk, it could be time to contact a dog trainer.

They have selective hearing

Yes, selective hearing really is something that many dogs have shown off over the years. This is when they hear their favorite treat come out of the packet but stop listening when you’re trying to train them or call them back on a walk. It’s a clever trick, but one that many dog trainers have seen time and time again. Recall training can soon make an owner’s life a lot more enjoyable.

They jump on people

Or just about any other behavior your dog likes to pull out of the bag. Some dogs can’t wait to get up close and personal with visitors. Sadly, not everyone wants to say “hello” quite so close. Dog trainers often have their own way of dealing with behaviors like these, and many have had great results from their plans. It might not be long before you can open the door without having to wrestle your dog away.

They bark and whine

Of course, barking and making noise is a way our dogs communicate with others. Plus, we want them to bark if someone tries to break into the house, right? While it might seem harmless, excessive barking could be due to a host of issues. To top it off, our dogs might learn to whine for attention if they have been comforted in the past. It’s important to work with your trainer to figure out what is causing these noises in the first place.

Learning when to know it’s time to take your dog to a trainer isn’t a sign that you’ve done anything wrong. In fact, it’s a way for you to make sure that you and your dog are doing everything right! Sometimes we all need a little guidance from professionals to make sure that everyone in the family is happy – even the four-legged members.